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7 Replies to “Toddler Bitten 15 Times by ‘Somalians’ at Play Centre”

  1. I will say that a single woman with six children is contributing to our downfall.
    Perhaps if her child was bitten to death it would get more attention. Maybe not…

    • The destruction of the traditional family is one of the goals of the radical left, this is one of the reasons for the violence in the groups that this has occurred.

    • Gosh, did you watch the entire video? You are doing exactly what the mainstream media did – deflection and blaming the victim.

      It doesn’t get any attention because the baby is white and the savage rabid ork spawn that bit her are immigrants – and you can’t report anything negative about immigrants because that would “burden the intercultural dialogue”.

      • Thank you for the clarification, and I agree with you, blaming the victim is easier then facing the major problem that is present in all of our nations. No matter which side ends up winning the coming war the world will be very different.

    • Baba you are such a fool !! If you can’t think of anything more intelligent than that it would be good if you didn’t say anything. The poor little baby girl !! ?. It hurts so bad to see this but I shared it with everyone I know !!

  2. If anyone hears of a go fund me account please let me know. To be sure I am going to see if I can find one myself for this poor sweet child ! This mom and her children need to be lifted up right now !!

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