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8 Replies to “1966 video: Ezra Taft saw it all then”

  1. We are now fighting to prevent the entire west falling into communism, in the long run the forces of freedom will be victorious. Having said that it will be a long and hard fight before we win.

  2. How chilling. But then there’s nothing unusual about Russians plotting the downfall of the West. They’ve been at it for hundreds of years and are showing no signs of letting up. Not that I blame them; I’m not mad. The West has always had a rather irritating attitude toward Russia and I would be just like them if I were Russian.

    But don’t ignore them completely. Kruschev wasn’t joking when he said that thing about over-ripe fruit falling into their hands. They’ve had a lot of practice at covert warfare, much more than us, and really know what they are doing. But remember, every time the Russian people saw the Beachboys heading for Malibu in a convertible a million of them became over-ripe fruit themselves. Hence, all the anti-American propaganda about homelessness and racism and poverty and blah, blah dee blah… It’s cool, but we shouldn’t be stupid about it…

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