Teacher uses selective enforcement to punish child with hat which supports the POTUS

This is one very sharp high school student.

He raised some points few adults would have the brains or courage to raise. But at the end of the day, a child was singled out for supporting the legal president of the United States. He was lied to about why, claiming it was the hat, and not his beliefs, when the hat was a symbol of his beliefs, yet a person in a full burka would be celebrated in the same class almost certainly.

H/T Richard.


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15 Replies to “Teacher uses selective enforcement to punish child with hat which supports the POTUS”

  1. I like to see, one kid well armed with a red hat Trump MAGA against
    Multiple brainwashed kids and totally stupid teacher. Respect, listen support diversity except Trump supporters.

    All people who died drinking the kool Aid of Jones in Guinea were

  2. It appears from the video, the MAGA hat has been collectively accused of being a Racist Symbol. (Like wearing a swatzika, but totally unlike wearing a hammer and sickle).

    With this meme in view – and apparently unable/unwilling to listen as to whether the wearer intended this – (because more commonly, The Perpetually Offended get to determine meanings), this teacher gets his whole class to move.

    From missing the whole exchange, and only witnessing passive-aggression, I cannot but conclude to hear the tannoy announce that the Cultural Revolution has started and this educator was beaten and humiliated for the borgeoise low-hanging branch he had been presented to be.

    Such are glimpses. But they show irrational-fear behavior, because if anti-Trump rhetoric were discussed, this MAGA hatted student would not get his family and friends to attack the tutor.

    But a masked AntiFa student, would. A LGBTQ+ disguised person, would. A hijab’d muslim, would. These are The Perpetually Offended.

    So that in Mr Smith’s classroom, where comparative religions, reason and logic had prevailed, he was attacked outside the school by muslims.

    “Gary Smith, 38, received “appalling injuries” after he was set upon by the gang as he walked to work at Central Foundation Girls’ School in Bow, east London, on July 12 last year” 2010.

    The blind led by the blind.

    • Thanks PC. The Perpetual ly Offended. Your juxtapositions and seemless cross-reference at first confuse but then we see they must be put this way. One and the same. The tard, the commie and the sex squirrel replete in their Grudge Bubbles. Like a very bad suit. Marching into our unassuming lives to declare perpetual offense. Perpetual war. I know you’ve told us why they are why they are but say it again, please. I don’t care if I seem thick to ask. One of my lightbulbs just came on. Only ten more to go.

      • Lol!

        It all starts with the perfect child and the world they are born into.

        Our animal instincts are to survive the dog-eat-cat world, one species against the other.

        Alas, we also have a dog-eat-dog world.

        Islam, Marxism and Narcissism are todays carrot and stick, Peace or Outrage, three inverts parading with pride, to dominate you while pleasing their masters.
        Strong before the weak, weak before the strong.

        This natural infant instinct, to be imprinted by fear towards the instantly dangerous and toxic, becomes a way to be dominated and controlled by, through forgotten intimidations doing the will of these violators, while crying out for mercy to a God, Government or New Identity, where there is none but the Imams, Politicians and Care Services to feed off them. A complete paracitical industry.

        Their emptiness crying out to be filled, fed with distractions and intrigue.

        Bringing such a person back, to save souls, is a story of a Jesus. Repent for the real-world is near.

        Alas the story of the Roman Churches is one of the dead burying the dead. Because if you still need to be saved, you aren’t saved.

        To see how the world tugs and how angry you get reveals your bondage and allegence.
        The truth sets you free.

        This is my premise Johnnyu. Be still and know yourself. Can you prove me wrong?

          • The richness is only that we know our blindness for ourselves.

            We apologize to those we hurt whilst on our ego-trip.

            Forgiveness will set them free too if they had resented you in return,(even if you goaded them into resentining you so that you could judge them as you being the morally superior).

            Such is the taking of tiny infants into a cult.

      • So if your father was sane, you would not need a God to latch onto.
        If your mother dished our her favors without bias, you would not demand an automatic Welfare System for comfort, if you were not sexually exposed and violated you would not champion an existence where all sexualities were made equal.

        The antiFather cults of Islam and AntiFa, the antiMother cults of Communism and pity-sex Socialism, and the antiSelf movements. All rejecting the trinity of existence (Where the Churches hung it on a cross just to worship and venerate).

        • So look a who is being molded and praised, hypnotized.

          The male in Islam.
          The female in Socialism.
          The child in Perversion.

          These preferential ‘leaders’ whose eyes glaze over

  3. I heard the teacher say something to the effect that “This is about hats, which are not allowed in the classroom.” Might it be that the young man would have been told to take off ANY hat?

    The teacher used a word which in my day no teacher would have used in the classroom, namely “as*****”. To do so would have been deemed indecent, and a teacher who used it would himself/herself almost certainly have been in trouble.

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