Hungarian Flash Mob (And real diversity)

Here is a video of a flash mob done in what appears to be a Hungarian shopping mall.

It is real diversity. Not the phoney stuff the communists peddle, which of course really means the destruction of all world cultures and their replacement with socialism and islam.

Notice how everyone in this video is Hungarian, and has a common understanding about their culture, language, history and values. That, dear friends is diversity. Because if you leave Hungary and go anywhere else, you get some other set of those attributes. Except of course where it has collapsed into the new Tower of Babel Soros (The Evil Palindrome) and the muslims have created.

And those Towers of Babel cannot stand for the same reason the original one could not.

Because to borrow a phrase from Penn & Teller from their BS episode on the Bible, The Tower of Babel could not be built because “you can only stack camel sh*t just so high”.

Thank you Blest Domains, for the video.


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14 Replies to “Hungarian Flash Mob (And real diversity)”

  1. The young embracing tradition. The old, their faces worn by their years under communism (yes, people from communist countries aged faster from the hardships), knowing the words of the old song being played. Beautiful. Real diversity and inclusion at work.

  2. Unabashed ethnic pride on display here as well despite appearance of veiled observers at 1:43 in video:

    Huge symphonic & choir flashmob – Budapest, Hungary – Bánk Bán’s Aria, “My homeland, my homeland”

  3. Just so we don’t take our eyes off the ball here. The mother of all strength in diversity without even having to say so, the one and only, the true champion of the individual, without her we’d be, well, you know:

  4. It’s beautiful to see such a rarity, one shopping center filled only with real native Ukrainians. No visible diversity to be seen. Home, sweet home.

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