The facts about the Cuban doctor services in Latin America

This is a breath of fresh air. After decades of being hammered with communist propaganda about Cuba and its amazing doctors, we now know its a little like early America and the truth about its amazing cotton pickers.

And the only reason we know about this now, is that Brazil elected someone more interested in truth, human rights and liberties than promoting communism.

I hope he has better body guards than he did during the campaign.

Thanks to José Atento for the translation.

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8 Replies to “The facts about the Cuban doctor services in Latin America”

  1. The indoctrinated masses in the First and Second world will not believe the video, they are too use to the Marxist BS that the Propaganda Media puts out.

  2. Cuban regime change is so far past its due date it ain’t funny. Imagine how legitimately-elected western governments fight daily to survive the rigours of every brand of protest while this island pustule, this throw-up to humanity, manages to trod on treating the western hemisphere like a hole to fukc in. The Russians seem intent on reweaponizing this little zit, American and Canadian diplos return home with their brains scrambled by weird-weapon microwaves, and Cuba somehow has a part in facilitating the South American chapter of the European Invasion dance. Yet the Cuban commies survive.

    Didn’t Bolton practically promise us Iranian regime change back in July? Saying we’d see it by mid September? Ok, fine then, maybe that was premature. But Cuba? For all of its malevolent mass. Why?

    • JFK promised that we wouldn’t touch Cuba, the Dems being far leftists don’t want to and the Repubs are afraid of what the Propaganda Media would say.

      If we do move on Cuba a lot of the Cubans in Florida will move back to the Island and then start screaming for the US to make Cuba part of the US.

  3. I remember hearing how humanitarian the cuban doctors were. I went to visit my friend in Guatemala and the plane was filled with USA Dr’s nurses and pharmacists going to help the Guatemalan poor for free. My friend have stacks of boxes of eyeglasses and water filters at their factory to give to poor Guatemalans but not from Cuba. What a bunch of propaganda those lefties bring. They protested the poor salaries in Haiti and the companies closed up and left with no salaries.

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