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7 Replies to “Some tweets should get a post”

  1. CS Lewis wrote a book called “the Great Divorce” in which the main character visits hell. And there is a description of Napoleon (the unfortunate having ended up there): ‘Walking up and down—up and down all the time— left-right, left-right—never stopping for a moment. … [He] never rested. And muttering to himself all the time. “It was Soult’s fault. It was Ney’s fault. It was Josephine’s fault. It was the fault of the Russians. It was the fault of the English.” Like that all the time. Never stopped for a moment. A little, fat man and he looked kind of tired. But he didn’t seem able to stop it.’

    Somehow, I can picture Justin Trudeau endlessly pacing around like that, and muttering to himself: “It was Ezra’s fault! It was the Rebel’s fault! It was Harper’s fault! It was Sophie’s fault! It was Gerald’s fault! It was … no – it WAS Ezra’s fault!”

      • Yes, it fits a bit better with her actually, as his royal highness has not yet been taken down a peg (we can hope it’s coming). But Clinton is clearly unable to put her 2016 defeat behind her; Donald Trump definitely has residency in her fevered brain, I imagine.

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