Canada/Quebec is Communist. How else can you explain this?

It may take a few watchings for the enormity of this to sink in.

When the principle, or coach or whatever was told about what these girls wrote on Facebook or wherever it was, the only acceptable answer should have been: “So what?”

Instead its a bloody national story.

And the fact that “Context doesn’t matter” makes it an order of magnitude worse. This is thought control and speech control at Soviet levels, even if it isn’t Soviet punishments. Yet.


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3 Replies to “Canada/Quebec is Communist. How else can you explain this?”

  1. I’ve been saying it for a few days. New elections in some districts.
    Faster, cheaper, more reliable results supported with Military as supervisors.
    Ex-Pats and Military personnel ballots are good.
    All in USA are to be questioned.
    New elections. And the gal Snipes, in jail, with IRS investigation.

  2. If the Canadian government is systematically targeting young women for their political humor then the women and their families can seek asylum in the US. The easy thing about the petition will be that its supporting evidence is uncontested and accessible on the internet. In fact, these women can take credit for formulating a position that wannabe Americans will follow.

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