The skies over Israel right now



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  1. Just last week the kids walked 5 days from the border communities to central command. They were protesting 33 weeks of arson-kites, IED-balloons, pall of smoke, and thousands of dunams of burnt fields. Red-alerts, occasional missiles. They felt abandoned by “important people” in Jersalem and Tel Aviv.

    Wanting “Peace Now”. Poor kids. (“Hey, not so bad! No school today!”)

    I’m following online, almost minute-by-minute. Each war, gets closer to real time.
    But nothing’s like it. I remember clutching a gasmask, faking a laugh at someone’s weak joke, trying lighten the mood.

  2. It looks like Israel is going to have to send in large numbers of people and tanks. The problem is this stands a real good chance of making Hezbollah think they can take Israel and start shooting.

  3. The US should provide the palestinians with the same weapons as they do with Israel. Missiles, bombs, aircraft etc. Then they would have a chance to defends themselves.

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