Soros gets outed more each day: Links 1, Nov. 6, 2018

1. 65-year-old Swedish woman sentenced to prison for criticising Islam and migration

2. NEW: MORE EVIDENCE of George Soros Foundation Ties to State Department

3. We F*cking Love Atheism, Major Resource for Non-believers, Shut Down by Facebook

WFLA was unpublished, and the administrators weren’t even told which post violated Facebook’s terms and conditions, but admins – only identified as LJ and Kat – have already started a petition to reverse the decision. 773 people have signed that campaign already, and you can do the same here.

We Fucking Love Atheism ( ) is a large atheist community page with over 690,000 followers. The page represents more than 6 years of daily hard work, tears, sacrifice, and energy, countless hours spent creating and sourcing content, news, and more for our following.

On November 4th, Facebook unpublished our page, giving us no reason why except for a generic message stating that we had violated their community standards. No specific infraction was given. We have appealed the decision, but have not been given a response at the time of writing this.

4. Foreign students get voter IDs

5. These girls are gonna need funds to move to Hungary. No point in getting them a lawyer. They need to get the hell out of Airstrip One or die like Kevin Krehan.

6. Great depiction

Thank you all who sent in these materials. And good luck today my American soul mates.

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9 Replies to “Soros gets outed more each day: Links 1, Nov. 6, 2018”

  1. 1. “She had criticised Islam and wrote that “the IQ level in Sweden will fall as a result of immigration””

    The average Swede is a right-brain hemisphere, runt. They fall in love with their captors. They walk around naked and watch movies of themselves having sex. And having a vagina makes them special. Raised to be an idiot-savant from their nurseries. Their men are female-betas.

    What she means therefore, is that those whose left-brain hemisphere runts, (happy slaves, unable to deviate from one instruction, rape and kill because to ask means to comprehend the needs of another person, raised from birth to submission to the Call to Prayer), are replacing Swedes. Musselmas are male-betas.

    Therefore, one peaceful stupid lateral-thinker meeting one violent dumb logical-thinker simply means goodbye Sweden. The Morlocks devour the Eloi.

    A partially-sane woman gets locked up in Sweden just as a book-read Christian gets sentenced to death in Pakistan.

    Their inability to counter-intuit: because they both carry a huge amounts of rage and resentment posing as good, where they both submitted for peace.

    The Elite are kings over these made blind, (of either kind from Communism or Islam, controlled by fear), to be workers in their factories.

    Stating the obvious is a blasphemous Hate Crime.

      • Hoo wee at 4:30 she makes a giant leap from science to bullsh*t at warp factor 9 doesn’t she?

        I mean it is dizzying. But its a good reason to ignore Ted Talks as I already do.

        It is interesting how Ted Talks, like Vice guide to travel, started out as hip rational valuable tools for understanding and became hijacked to a postmodern agenda. One wonders how that happens.

        Has Soros funds become a profitable exit strategy for certain kinds of ventures?

        Maybe we should ask Gavin McGinnes who started VICE.

  2. So Soros has created a paid, weaponized Muslim army to invade Europe. Beautifully simple, and far more cost-effective than a conventional army:

    1. Issue prepaid bank cards for expenses to aggressive young men.
    2. Provide contact info for enabling agents, and optimal points of border vulnerability for entry.
    3. Wind them up with the carrot of European welfare and white women, then watch them go.
    4. Rinse and repeat model in South/Central America.
    5. Use “Sword and Shield” defense to deflect enemies–even conscripting “conservative” gate keepers such as David Frum to evoke same.

    If three years ago, during the initial push north by this army into Hungary, prepaid bank cards supplied by Soros were discovered, everyone would be aghast. Now…?

    In fact this model is so simple and doable that any mass of poor, or dissatisfied, or fearful people can be mobilized from one area to another.

    • More and more people are being red pilled and one of the things they learn is that Soros and his ilk are funding the destruction of the civilized world, I don’t think enough will wake up soon enough to preserve civilization (it is probably already damaged to the point it can’t be saved) but with luck we can preserve some freedom and most of our rights.

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