Former pop singer, who was always a hater of the West, tweets her real feelings

She first came to my attention when she refused to perform at a US Stadium which she had filled, after signing a contract, unless they agreed NOT to sing the National Anthem, although it was policy and tradition at this particular venue. So this is satisfying. Now the dripping and venomous hatred, so integral to leftist thought is clearly visible.

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7 Replies to “Former pop singer, who was always a hater of the West, tweets her real feelings”

  1. Everyone is picking their side, we are moving into a major war with the racist left attacking the forces of freedom. Pick your side before it is picked for you.

  2. So she associates white people with non-muslims? The old “islam is a race” thing? Interesting. So I guess that she would consider the Boston Marathon bombers to be despicable scum not because they murdered and mutilated for allah, but because they were white. Hmm – clearly she is really into the whole leftist, identity group paradigm.

    Idiot: May she enjoy the warm embrace of the religion of peace, the wonderful ideology that she has freely chosen.

  3. Sign Head never could write a song. The head shaving, the tard-turning, the stage–all for attention. Just another deficient psyche.

  4. “But truly i never wanna spend time with white people again”
    Rest assured sweetheart , that sentiment will be most reciprocal…

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