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4 Replies to “2nd video from Polish intellectual on the communist nature of the EU”

  1. Reminds me of Agenda 21 published 1993. In it the UN told us precisely their plan. This EU White Paper same thing. Agenda 21 also describes a borderless world with free movement of mass populations and far less private property ownership. The White Paper calls for the abolition of nation states. Agenda 21=White Paper?

    I bet John Lennon would be all over it like a dirty white shirt. From the White Album:

  2. “The Emerging European Soviet”
    by William F. Jasper – May 31, 2004


    Morphing Suprastate

    Even many of the most avid “Eurolandists” admit that the proposed EU Constitution is a monstrosity, in sheer size and in terms of its attempts at usurping national powers and employing confusing verbiage. Wikipedia notes: “Compared to many existing constitutions, e.g. the US constitution at about 4,600 words, it [the EU Constitution] is very long at 265 pages and over 60,000 words.” But this, apparently is old information, because Presidium member Gisela Stuart says the document is actually 335 pages. Neither of which matters, ultimately, says Christopher Story, because the Eurocrats “change the texts at will, and are constantly revising things even after the supposedly official texts have been publicly released.”

    That is part of the grave danger of the EU process; it is constantly evolving and mutating, making it impossible to fashion any checks and balances that will protect the EU nations and peoples from the ravenous globalists in Brussels. What is already known to be in the constitution is bad enough; one indication is that it conforms, generally, with the demands outlined in a manifesto issued by the Spinelli Group, a hard-core Marxist coalition named for Italian Communist Party strategist and EU pioneer Altiero Spinelli.

    The draft constitution is an all-out assault on national sovereignty, turning over foreign policy, defense powers and other sovereign powers of the nation states to the central EU government. It also formally incorporates the principles of the Communist Manifesto into the European legal code.

    “Italy on Financial Brink as “Former” Communist Tries to Lead”
    by William F. jasper – February 28, 2013


    Then there’s Mario Monti, the “technocrat” economist, dubbed “Super Mario” by the press during his glory years on the European Commission (1994-1999), where he helped engineer the financial integration of the European Union. Like many other EU politicians, Monti epitomizes the “Davos Man,” the jet-setting globalist denizen of the World Economic Forum (WEF) who is comfortable confecting a socialist-corporatist New World Order with the communist leaders of Russia and China. Monti is not only a regular WEF attendee, but also a member of the Atlantic Council, an advisor to Goldman Sachs — and a member of that ultimate Insiders’ club, the Bilderberg Group.

    Yet there is another very important elite “club” that is rarely mentioned in which Monti is not only a member, but a founding member: the Spinelli Group. Named for Altiero Spinelli (1907-1986), a leader of the Italian Communist Party and a key activist for European federalism, it includes the following members: Jacques Delors, a leader of the French Socialist Party and former president of the European Commission; Joschka Fischer, a former communist student leader and associate of the terrorist Red Army Faction, and later German foreign minister; Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a 1960s communist student leader, ally of terrorists, confessed child sex abuser, and member of the European Parliament on the Greens ticket; and Pier Virgilio Dastoli, an assistant to Spinelli and a leader in the Communist and Allies Group of the European Parliament.

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