A little info for the midterms on Tuesday

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  1. Communist Donor Steve Phillips is financing FOUR radical governors who were hand-picked to unite progressives to incite a communist revolution in America

    Andrew Gillum: FL
    Ben Jealous: MD
    Stacey Abrams: GA
    David Garcia: AZ

    Each are fighting to flood USA with dangerous illegals

    The far left has been working to start a civil war since the Clintons left office, they are closer to succeeding then most people realize. What they don’t seem to understand is that the vast majority of people in the US don’t want a communist/socialist/fascist government and we are well armed and have a lot of people who are well trained to lead us in the fight against the far left. Because we didn’t riot and destroy things while Obama was in office the far left thinks we are afraid to fight. The are about to discover how wrong they are.

  2. To make the decision easier for my first-time voter kids, I let them know that if a candidate raises state taxes, expect your parents to move out of state. This should temper their dreams of tuition-free college.
    Non-Payroll Income Premium
    A non-payroll income premium would ensure that the most financially successful in Maryland pay their fair share of taxes. The advisory panel will need to study the tax sensitivity of these higher earners to ensure that any increase doesn’t result in significant population shifts in the region to avoid any changes to the Maryland income tax system.

      • The size of the crowds and the fact that people stand in the rain for hours to get in to see and hear him is why I say the Repubs will keep control of the House. The people are with Trump and in the long run that means the Deep State (the Dems) will lose, the people always win in the end. Another analysis is that with this much enthusiasm they will vote as a favor to Trump, the Dems on the other hand are getting crowds that are so small it is embarrassing, their candidates don’t draw people and neither Obama or any of the other (so called) big guns of the Dems. Their crowds wouldn’t fill a good sized High School Gymn.

    • Using “You can’t always get what you want” is pure genius.

      it also makes me love the Stones even more since if they didn’t allow this, it wouldn’t be used. Remember “Born in the USA” when Nixon used it?

      • The Dems and the Repub establishment believe their own propaganda about Trump being dumb, this leads them into underestimating him which is always bad news when dealing with someone as smart as he is.

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