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13 Replies to “The Democrats seem to be involved in some vote rigging”

  1. Major American College Hands Out Voter ID’s to Foreign Natl’s So They’ll Vote (VIDEO)

    Major American College Hands Out Voter ID’s to Foreign Natl’s So They’ll Vote (VIDEO)



    Richard: The Dems always try and stuff the ballot box but this election they are getting desperate and are resorting to easily discovered methods to get fraudulent votes.

    • Tell them that they don’t need to worry, the real shooting civil war will start shortly after the election no matter which way it goes and I expect that the GOP will retain control of the house. The man doing the predicting is expecting a normal midterm election and Trump is the exception, he brings out the people who don’t normally vote and gets them to vote for him. This will keep the House in GOP hands but will be the spark the left will use to up the violence, of course if they do take the house they will up the violence to punish the people who voted for the GOP.

    • Enemies are getting a thrill out of American dissension. Promoting it, certainly driving some of it.

      Politics just civil war by other means?
      JUST civil war?!
      Civil war is WAR. Blood, loss, death. There ARE no “other means”.

      Pernicious gibberish.

      Corporate media serves alien interests. Social media is seeded with keywords. Russia, China, Soros, the MB – who knows? – they all have fantasies of civil war in this country.

      Maybe they’ll get lucky: We fondle their keywords enough, we’ll buy into the inevitability. NOT wholesome!

      Let Uncle Vlad can crawl back into his lair. Send Soros’ soy-boys back to Mommy’s basement.

  2. OT
    I got a security alert on this site a couple hours ago.
    Clearing, quitting browser, trying another – nothing worked.
    Seems fine now.
    Anybody else have trouble?

  3. I really hope you’re right about the GOP, Richard. But the article I’ve posted above is written by what seems to be a pretty honest, sober guy. PTrump is a finger in a dike. Look out if his traction fails.

    • I know, the thing is the pollsters who were all wrong in 2016 are still using the same polling percentages and are ignoring the Trump voters who don’t normally vote. This combined with the people who will lie to the pollsters because they are afraid of what will happen if they say they are going to vote Repub makes the true figures either and even race that is a tossup or with Repubs having the lead in most races. A lot of the reports by the Propaganda Media and the Dem talking head liars is designed to suppress the Repub vote and from what I am seeing it isn’t working. Look at the crowds at the Trump rallies and look at the small number of people showing up for the Dem rallies.

      I really don’t see people voting to return to the Obama years.

    • Also while it isn’t talked about on the news shows gun control is a big issue with a lot of voters and the shooting sports websites are pushing the Dems promise of massive gun control laws if they win. This always causes a large turn out of people voting against the Dems. Also the caravans are helping turn out the people who want border security and to stop the illegal aliens coming in, this is another issue the Dems don’t talk about except to dismiss as being scare tactics. Well the Invasion of massive numbers of military age males who are saying they are coming in no matter what the Americans want is something to be afraid of, their arrival would turn the US and Canada into Europe in 2015.

      Like I said I don’t see the Dems winning control of either house.

    • Honest, sober guy, no doubt.
      But he’s paid by Putin.

      Putin also pays Buchanan, Le Pen, and Nigel Farrage, so that’s neither here nor there.
      Putin subsidizes whatever might demoralize or polarize us. Yet our media is also in enemy hands, so the window to an alternative view is welcome. As long as we keep it in perspective.

  4. Maybe you’re right, Yucki, but then whose voice and words can we point to and declare, ” There! That is an uncorrupted opinion!”

    I trust what you say, so I am earnest as I scratch my head.

    • You inform yourself by reading widely, then trust your instincts. Hold on to your values, seek a future that offers hope. If not for your community, for your own family. Tools to cope, confidence in your G-d-given capabilities.

      We recognize the slant in corporate media.
      Ostensible “independents” are also sponsored, but the agenda is more complicated. While they may have something to offer, the intent of their PATRON can’t be ignored.

      Divide and conquer: They may be radically different – Putin sponsors both Jeremy Corbyn AND Nigel Farage. Different audiences, different approaches.

      What’s constant is rejection and bitterness.

      You see how that works in “Strategic Culture”. Grab a segment of the population that’s already disgusted by MSM, TPTB. Prey on that emotional detachment, elaborate on the reasons to go ever more sour.

      The grievances are very real, so stack evidence and arguments that deepen them. The reader marinates in negativity. Cultivate anomie.

      Offer no positive alternatives that are realistic. Make doom seem inevitable, a future so bleak you give up. Or alternatively, engage in futile, anarchist violence.

      It’s often very engaging. Exquisitely targeted, highly professional info ops.

      This is the enemy.

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