The Munk debate, and the media-leftist shaping of it, and the way we are to understand it.

1. Leftists thug the Bannon debate using varying types and degrees of totalitarian tactics to oppose the event, while CBC attempts to smear Bannon with the actions of ANTIFA there to oppose him. It is, they imply if not outright state, his fault that people behave so badly around him.

2. The actual debate. It seems that Mr. Bannon won in terms of changed minds at the end.

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  1. First of all…people do have a problem. They are there at this debate because they do not understand what is happening.They didn’t had contact with reality. A person who understand what is happening, will not waste time on political debates. Look who is there…Bannon and Frum…They are specialists in blinding people who don’t know what reality is. In our times, the most dangerous thing is to let people who don’t understand reality to vote for our future.
    Populism versus liberalism…this is BS…I wait for a talk about normality and aberration according to our history, traditions, culture, society. I don’t care how Asia or Africa want to solve own social problems…I care about the fact that I must pay and eventually die for the way how Asia and Africa does not solve own problems. Both sides have a lot to loose or win…this is why they must convince people. They need us in their own fight. We are going to die in this fight, not the elites.
    Frum want first to speak to those undecided…as he said…I am sure about…they need new “fighters”.
    He is then talking about Trump’s politics…that offers nothing, does not respect you, offers nothing…But he said nothing about what the left offers.
    Then…he use Bannon’s words: “it is anger and fear who drive people to the polls”. Yes…fear of future as it is designed today and anger because we don’t see a way to escape the future slaughter we are directed to.
    Frum is talking about the courage of those undecided…what courage ? They just have to not think and ignore reality…there is no courage involved.
    He is talking then about the need for a correct state, correct media…Well…who is in the past 25 years at least corrupting the state and media ?
    And he don’t know what populism is…It is not “to speak for the people”…All politicians speak for the people. Populism is much deeper and much complicated. Starts with sacrificing everything for your children and their future. And doesn’t mean holocaust and world war…It is not me dividing the world in nations..It is not me dividing people in races…It is not me dividing people in more inventive or more barbaric. I just observe and try to protect. I must take the best decision in order to protect my-selves and the people sharing my culture, religion, traditions, social values. It is not against others…it is protection of mine.
    “…dividing people in us and them”….all nations, all people of all races do this…why is forbidden for whites to follow the same rule ? Black life matter is OK…white life matter…not OK? I must kill my children and adopt african children to be OK ? Every parent must feed his own children first. If he can afford, then you can help your poor neighbor to feed his children. But first mine.
    And in the next phrase it is Frum dividing people according to the votes of women.. You don’t know how people voted…only on Ceausescu’s time was obligatory to sign for the leader of communist party when you vote.

    This is circus…dedicated to those having a mental handicap generated by the missing contact with reality. And missing the capacity to understand what is happening.
    It is waste of time continuing to explain simple and basic things.

    • I was like children one was serious there and their arguments …what arguments?
      but the speech was for Canadians which are kind of retards in my opinion

  2. Firstly, of course, the CBC blocked comments on their video. So typical of that left wing snowflake media outlet.
    Secondly, there is nothing wrong with being a nationalist. Globalization is a growing cancer and must be stopped at all cost.
    Thirdly, when are the Toronto police start booking and charging these masked bandits and haul them off the street?

  3. David Frum is an elitists who thinks that we the little people aren’t smart enough to know what is best for us, thus we have to let him and his ilk run our lives. His condensation of everyone who disagrees with him and his demonizing of anyone who dares to vote against the politicians he wants elected is pure evil. The type of evil that creates people like Hitler, Stalin and Mao, he is a very big Fascist who isn’t smart enough to understand that he is supporting the very evil he says he opposes. I would say I pity him but he is doing so much damage to classical liberalism and to the freedom of everyone on earth that I can’t pity him, instead I despise him for his attempts to make me a slave to the US Government.

    David Frum is a real big liar, he isn’t a classical liberal he is a big government far leftists who wouldn’t recognize a classical liberal if he met one.

    In his closing statements Frum describes the Democrats and says it is Trump, I forget who said if you want to know what the Dems are up to listen to what they are accusing the Repubs of doing. That statement is true and Frum knows it but chooses to lie about the Repubs so he can keep being a part of the Nobility in a neo feudal society.

    Bannon did win, the true classical liberals are winning a lot and this is why the left is turning more violent and will continue to increase the level of violence. They are losing in the arena of ideas and see their power being taken from them, they life for power and will no peacefully give up the power to force us to live with them controlling our entire lives.

  4. I cannot imagine much more animus coming from a Larry Sanders than what came from Frum. This is remarkable, and speaks to the success of deconstructionists, considering both are purported to be conservatives.

    • Canadian conservatives would be Democrats in the US. Just try and get a Canadian conservative into a discussion about abortion. They arrest you here if you think maybe it shouldn’t be quite so easy or government funded on college campus or near a clinic.

  5. I enjoyed the debate. I grew up in Canada and know that the political shift has been left, government, collectivist, conformist and globalist. It never ceases to amaze me how far off from normal Canadians are.

  6. David Frum hates Trump and what he stands for like a burning fire. Trump upset the apple cart where everyone got paid off no matter what side of the isle you were on.
    When I look at the abject corruption of our federal gov’t, I was able to keep track of the revelations up to about a year ago when it became so absolutely insane that I could do it no more.
    It seems to me that about 1,000 people run this country, all connected in one way or another and it makes me sick.
    Trump put a huge stick in the gears and the receiving class wet their pants.
    I’m no fan of Bannon but something had to be done to stop the insidiousness of the ruling class. Trump was elected to break the furniture. He has been marginally successful.
    In addition, what did David Frum have to offer? He didn’t tell me anything other than Orange Man Bad.

    • I’d also like to take a moment to thank this site for posting the debate. This debate is very important and I guess I have become accustomed to this site corralling things that are important to me.
      Thank you very much.

    • Trump is trying but he is forced to work with the minions of the Deep State, the law doesn’t let him fire many of the minions and he has to time his firings to avoid the mess that would come from a massive push by all of the never Trumpers trying to impeach him. He is working on freeing us and the Dems are working on stopping him, the problem the Dems face is that at this point in time they have to pay lib service and a little more to the idea of elections and the rule of law. They are moving towards a big terror campaign probably combined with an Islamic terror campaign and given what is seen in the caravans and illegal Alien terror campaign.

      Crunch time is just about here and it is gong to be real nasty and probably last a lot longer then we want.

      • That’s where the 50,000+ sealed indictments are supposed to come into relevance … at the right time with military tribunals. Apparently, there’s lots going on behind the scenes we will be ultimately happy about.

  7. Frum ran into an American political genius in Bannon. Relying on the tired tactics of leftists I found, frankly, sad. Allowing no daylight, for instance, between Soros and antisemitism is a disingenuos move that we expect of Democrats. And by using the same old smearing lies of white this, nationalist that, Frum tried to play to a crowd that, lo and behold, the audience generally refuted.

    Every single time a progressive gets on their high moral horse they fall off because it’s bullshit. David Frum should be honest and admit that Bannon is the real classical liberal.

    • He won’t be honest, admitting that his political enemies are the true classical liberals would mean admitting he is a Marxist who is out to destroy classical liberalism.

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