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13 Replies to “Tunis explosion: Female ‘suicide b*mber’ blows herself up outside hotel in Tunisian capital”

  1. Tunisia: Forensics probe suicide blast scene in Tunis

    Forensics were investigating the scene of the suicide bombing in Tunis on Monday, where at least nine people were injured few hours earlier. No immediate reports of victims have been reported.

    Reports citing eyewitnesses suggest that the suicide bomber was a woman in her thirties. Furthermore, eight out of the nine injured people are police officers.

    The bombing took place on the central Habib Bourguiba avenue, which is considered ‘the cultural, political and economic heart’ of the city, according to reports.

    The identity of the woman and her motives are yet to be established.

    • Classically the jihad scum prey on what are seen as “fallen ” women: divorced women, unwed mothers, “dishonoured” women, or those with mental, physical or psychiatric problems (all “deserved’ punishment by allah for some wrongdoing). Promises of heaven and redemption are what drive them and being the subjugated, gutless, cowards that islam makes them they are easy meat. Personally I wonder why they are so few.

  2. Would-be suicide bombers in other instances have been relieved to have been stopped. https://jmvh.org/article/motivation-of-suicide-attackers/ They have the same diverse profile or demographics as men and also have the same basic motivation of a nationalistic cause with religious overtones, but frequently the personal loss of a partner, close friend or family member plays a stronger role (23). Dviri (24) had the opportunity to interview female suicide bombers, imprisoned by the Israelis, who had either survived their attack or had been detained before activating their weapon. They listed motivations as making amends for a relative who was a collaborator, to escape being a victim of honour killing, a good method of committing suicide for the frail or depressed and to become a heroine at the same time. Many believe they will become chief, or “fairest of the fair”, of the 72 virgins who welcome male martyrs to paradise. Some LTTE female attackers were believed to have been raped by the Sri Lankan army and so could not marry or have children (1). Chechen “Black Widows” expressed a desire to die to take revenge for their husbands and children who were killed in the Chechen war (12). Female suicide attackers deployed by the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) have been “persuaded” by threats and intimidation more so than male attackers and this also appears to be the case within other groups (25).

    • “Many believe they will become chief, or “fairest of the fair”, of the 72 virgins who welcome male martyrs to paradise.” Now that’s ambition: to spend all eternity as the chief concubine for some bloodthirsty jihadi(s). They seem truly content to wallow in their 7th century barbarism and inequality with regard to males; good for them Unfortunately, they insist (as islam has always insisted) on trying to impose that barbarism on the rest of us.

  3. Anyone who has seen what a suicide bomb does to the carrier will know that the woman lying on the ground was NOT the bomber. The head + or – a shoulder, is often found up to 50 ms away (often on a rooftop) while the leg remnants are also spread out up to 20m away. The rest is often vaporized in the explosion or acts as shrapnel on those nearby.

      • We had a very pushy, unattractive lesbian in our group who used to say that monotonously. To this day I am still unsure of her real meaning. One day she said it rather too loudly and the nearby males, all new and unaware of her proclivities, all screamed out: “No thanks!” Then it dawned upon me.

  4. Family of Tunisian suicide bomber mourn her death

    Family members of Mna Guebla, who blew herself up the previous day in Tunis, mourn at the family home in the village of El Zorda, near the coastal city of Mahdia.

    Guebla, an unemployed graduate, detonated a bomb near a gathering of police cars in Tunis’ upmarket Avenue Habib Bourguiba, wounding 15 officers and two teenagers in the first such attack in the city since 2015.

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