Here is how terrorism gets what it wants

This story is from August of 2017. Amy tweeted it because it is perfectly appropriate given what happened in the US yesterday.

Below, is my interview with Gavin Boby on exactly this, also from 2017.

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  1. Cowards in the government is exactly how terrorism gets what it wants. This is why most Western Nations are headed towards Strong Man Rule as they fight to save their nation and their culture

    • INVEST NOW! Self-contained subdivisions with moats, drawbridges, walls and gates will be all the rage in the future. Castles, as will other fortified structures will make a comeback for the same reasons they came about in the first place.

      As long as we allow the Crescent we’ll go full circle.

  2. If I recall correctly the synagogue came back with a design that actually included blast walls!
    That was deemed un-esthetic! Can you imagine designing a religious sanctuary with blast walls surrounding it? Well, I guess you can…
    In light of the Jewish slaughter this last weekend in Pittsburgh, it only takes one lunatic to destroy a sanctuary. Sure, we’ve heard of it happening many times in Egypt, Copts being blown up while attending mass. But this infection has spread to Western civilization, much to our collective disgrace.
    We hear pretty regularly of new members of the 24/7 police protection brigade. Why aren’t Jewish centers afforded the same? Sure, in France they are to some extent. But in the rest of the West it is much easier to suppress this minority population than to defend it.
    My heart cries for Pittsburgh.

    • We’re organized to defend ourselves.
      Our synagogue burned down – no one was hurt, the scrolls were rescued, thank-G-d.
      We’ve been very careful ever since. Israeli-level security.

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