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23 Replies to “Another Jewish man, randomly attacked in a hate crime in NY”

  1. Ah why are these people complaining about diversity and the cultural richness it brings? Shouldn’t we rejoice in the customs of different groups? After all New York Jews support the entry of one and all and would abolish borders if they could.

    That’s why I got out of NYC the first chance I could, and that was forty years ago when the city was still civilized. Its not now.

    • I know what you mean. Nearly every open border and ANTIFA demonstration has a wildly disproportionate number of white females. Its amazing. Just watch any ANTIFA video or demonstration for open borders, refugees, more muslims etc. Its WAY too high a proportion of damned white women.

      Here is a demo in Germany where white women hit the streets to go support a muslim terrorist who set a 14 year old girl’s legs on fire in a terrorist attack that was thwarted before he could do some serious killing with the bombs he had with him.


      Notice how you see and hear mostly white women clapping and chanting for this muslim illegal who only yesterday tried to commit a mass casualty attack?

      If I were you, I would move away from any place that sells feminine hygiene products or has lots of shoe stores. Sure signs there are white females around.

      Cause clearly the problem is that they are women, and that they are white. And yeah, why should those people, white women, be complaining about being raped, groped, robbed and attacked. They, after all, caused the problem in the first place. Right? I knew you would agree.

    • Liberal Jews: Very few of them have Muslims within their intimate circle.
      And those Liberal White girls: Not one is married to a Muslim.

  2. It will only become worse.
    And when one looks at well-intentioned groups such as B’nai Brit who seem to be living in Israeli-land and not in Canada or USA, they’ll drag us down with them unintentionally.
    How I wish these people would wake up!

    • Think again: How I wish these people would wake up!

      Those groups aren’t living in Israel, they slander the people who do. Those Jew-ish “do-gooders” are mostly ignorant or simply dismissive of Judaism, despise our particularity, and reject the Nation State of the Jewish people.

      Americans or Canadians who call themselves Jew-ish? That’s America and Canada, NOT the Jewish people. Hang that on the pathetic, decadent society that rewards the most destructive elements.

      With the exception of mercenary dogs who make a living by lying for enemies in the West, Israeli Jews are too busy for the nonsense you’re talking about.

      They have families, for one thing. Babies. They raise them to love life. To cherish the promised land.

      That means living with 20% of a population that’s Muslim. Because that’s the way it is.

      That means stonings and stabbings and run-overs and bombings. It’s only just begun in the West.

      That means going to a lot of funerals. Old, young. Murdered.
      Not reported in the West. More often with perpetrator-victim inverted. Bizarre, grotesque.

      That means serving in the military, watching your kids become soldiers. Constantly preparing, drilling. Grab the moments of peace and be grateful for them. They never last long.

      Fighting real war.

      Kids whose first words are “Red-Alert!”, and 6-year-olds trained to stop hemorrhage.

      That means living amongst grievously maimed people. Advances in prosthetics and skin-grafting are popular news stories.
      Last night, Oct.17:
      A young child’s book found among the rubble of an Israeli home hit by a rocket from Gaza last night. Luckily the 3 children made it to their bomb shelter. They will rebuild and we will defend.

      Ari Fuld murdered in Israel and Tommy Robinson being persecuted in the UK

      • I agree with you 100%.

        B’nai Brit, as well as Jewish elected officials, and individuals such as Bernie Farber and others, side with their (and our) worse enemy against us. We support the Jews: I now wonder why.

        When I read accounts of the number of Jews that no longer wear their Kippa in a university environment for fear of Muslim backlash, and you have B’nai Brit supporting the hijab for teachers & people in authority, one must wonder.

        yucki: I do agree with you re the decadent society. So much a sex- and superficial-oriented society we have become. When I see young children, and even babies, given by adoption to multi-gender-fluid people, it’s criminal.

  3. Another Jewish man, randomly attacked in a hate crime in NY

    This “randomly attacked” meme needs to go the way of “lone wolf”. Such assaults are neither random nor do they happen in a vacuum. All of it extends from Islam.

  4. Yes NR. The “random” tag implies out of nowhere, and should rightfully be tagged Islamic Nazi for a proper derivation of such planned acts

  5. This attack was a jihad- motivated attack, not a random attack

    It is thus part of an asymmetric war being waged against civilization. One that can only be won with more unvetted immigration of course…depending which side you’re on.

  6. Attacker looks like african-american.. maybe a follower of Farrakhan?
    Or maybe it’s a Sudanese or Somali immigrant? Does anybody know if there’s such a community in NY?

    • My guess is that he is from Sudan or Somalia the Farrakhan and Sharpton followers tend to hunt in packs.

      [raps desktop with pointer]

      Pay attention, class. You could spend days sifting through Internet dross without encountering this sort of strategic gem. This is most definitely a distinction with a difference.

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