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  1. The University of Mississippi has condemned a tweet by a faculty member that called on activists to abandon civility and harass Republican senators in public.

    “Don’t just interrupt a Senator’s meal, y’all,” James Thomas, an assistant professor of sociology, tweeted from his @Insurgent_Prof account on Oct. 6, the day Justice Brett Kavanaugh was sworn into the Supreme Court.

    “Put your whole damn fingers in their salads,” he wrote. “Take their apps and distribute them to the other diners. Bring boxes and take their food home with you on the way out. They don’t deserve your civility.”

    • Sociology: still the subject in dire need of a use.
      I wonder how loud he would cry if a muslim put his left hand fingers in his salad. The hypocrisy and the hatred are incredible. I just hope that this is recorded for future use when society becomes sane again.IF!!

        • …I doubt if any of us will be alive when the sanity returns.

          All of which raises the supremely important question of exactly whom it will be that accurately transmits “sanity” down the timeline to future generations.

          Perhaps this might make it a little more clear as to why I am such a grammar Nazi and stickler for citations, hat tips, attributions or video clips.

          It’s up to us regarding setting the standard and the righteous creation of an accurate historic record to educate those who come after our beleaguered generations. Eff knows that legacy media cannot be depended upon for an accurate account of somebody’s toenail being clipped.

    • Anjem Choudary: What threat might he pose once freed?

      Every last threat that you can imagine. Randy Andy is the very worst sort of scum. Fooling yourself that he will magically pacify is far worse than a fool’s errand. Count upon this ambulatory, bipedal wad of slime mold to stir up colossal amounts of steaming, putrescent, glistening, SH!T.

      Ah, Watson, it’s a wicked world. And when a clever man turns his brain to crime, it’s the worst of all.

      — Sherlock Holmes

  2. Seneca Valley School District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is facing a lawsuit from a former male student who was forced out of school—and investigated for sexual assault—due to a series of false accusations made by female students.

    The girls—dubbed “mean girls” in the lawsuit, a reference to the 2004 Lindsay Lohan film—admitted on tape that they made up the assault story. One said, “I just don’t like him” and “[I] would do anything to get him expelled,” according to The Toronto Sun.

    The false allegations were life-derailing for the accused, who is referred to as “T.F.” in the lawsuit. On October 3, 2017, one of the girls told other students that T.F. had sexually assaulted her at a pool; a Seneca Valley guidance counselor overheard the accusation, and reported it to Childline, the state’s child abuse prevention agency, as required by law. T.F. was swiftly charged with indecent assault and harassment, and received six months of probation as part of a plea deal.

    Months later, in March of 2018, T.F. was again falsely accused, according to the lawsuit. Another girl invited him over to a house party; a few days later, she told the school guidance counselor that T.F. had broken into her home and sexually assaulted her. The lawsuit claims she was coached by T.F.’s first accuser. As a result of this accusation, T.F. was charged with assault and criminal trespassing. He was removed from school in leg and wrist shackles, and spent 9 days in juvenile detention.

  3. Hungary Revokes Government Funding for Gender Studies (breitbart, Oct 17, 2018)

    “Hungary has revoked funding for gender studies after the government cited concerns about employment opportunities for graduates.

    Hungary’s government announced in August that it would no longer fund the Master’s programme which is taught at the biggest state-funded Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) and the Central European University (CEU), founded by George Soros.

    According to, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán signed the degree on Friday, the document reading: “139/2015 is expired. (VI.9.) Government Decree No. 115. Line.”

    CEU published a statement on its website Tuesday, claiming there was “strong opposition” to the removal of the programme from the country’s list of accredited postgraduate courses.

    “This is a major infringement on academic freedom and university autonomy,” they said.

    “Gender Studies is an internationally recognized academic field, which produces socially relevant knowledge, and which has been taught at CEU for well over two decades.

    “Eliminating this program will be a significant loss to the Hungarian scholarly community and for democratically-minded public policy makers,” they added.

    Professor of gender studies at CEU Andrea Peto commented on the loss on Facebook, remarking that where the programme was listed (line 115) was now an empty row.

    She added that “A new study program ‘Economics of Family Policy and Public Policies for Human Development’ was registered without accreditation.

    “This is a beginning of a new era in the history of the Hungarian Higher Education.”

    In August, Prime Minister Orbán’s Chief of Staff Gergely Gulyas had said that “The Hungarian government is of the clear view that people are born either men or women.

    “They lead their lives the way they think best, but beyond this, the Hungarian state does not wish to spend public funds on education in this area.”

    The country’s deputy prime minister, Zsolt Semjen, had rationalised withdrawing funding on grounds that the discipline was “an ideology not a science” and market demand for gender studies graduates was “close to zero”, hence using taxpayer’s cash to fund the course was a waste.

    “No-one wants to employ a gender-ologist,” Semjen added.”

  4. Denmark to Demolish 1,000 Homes, Clear Out Migrant-Populated Ghetto (breitbart, Oct 17, 2018)

    “The Danish government will demolish around 1,000 houses in the heavily migrant-populated ghetto of Vollsmose and relocate residents to new areas.

    The plan was announced by Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen earlier in the year who said he wanted to combat the rise of parallel migrant societies forming in Denmark, Sveriges Radio reports.

    The Vollsmose area, which is located in Denmark’s third largest city Odense, is home to around 9,000 people and has long been considered one of the worst ghettos in the country in terms of criminality and lack of integration.

    Like many “vulnerable areas”, more commonly referred to as “no-go areas”, in neighbouring Sweden, Vollsmose has also seen a rapid decline in school test scores as well as an unemployment rate much higher than other parts of the country.

    Peter Rahbæk Juel, the Socialist mayor of Odense, commented on the demolishing of the ghetto saying: “I can understand if those who live there think it’s brutal, but doing nothing is also brutal.”

    “The children who grow up in Vollsmose are not given the same chance in life as other children in Denmark. We must break patterns and structures that make young people feel that crime is a better choice than education,” he added.

    While some have expressed criticism at the Danish government’s plans to combat parallel societies, such as forcing the children of migrants to attend special integration classes or face losing welfare benefits, others have welcomed the policies and even want to emulate them…”

    • Peter Rahbæk Juel, the Socialist mayor of Odense, commented on the demolishing of the ghetto saying: “I can understand if those who live there think it’s brutal, but doing nothing is also brutal.”

      At last, the Vikings sprout a set.

      After all, doing nothing also is a form of taking a decision.

  5. Salvini wants Italy’s ‘little ethnic shops’ to close at 9pm

    Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has proposed a mandatory 9pm closing time for what he called “little ethnic shops”, which he claimed were a haven for drug dealers.
    Italy’s late-night corner shops, many of which are run by Bangladeshi, Indian or other immigrants, have become “a meeting place for drug dealers and people who cause trouble”, the interior minister claimed.

    His new law and order decree, most of which is aimed at making it easier to deport foreigners who commit crimes or don’t have permission to stay, will include a measure that obliges “little ethnic shops” to shut their doors at 9pm, he announced via his Facebook page.

    “It’s not a move against foreign shops, just to limit abuses,” said Salvini, who is also Italy’s deputy prime minister and head of the League party.

    Retail association Confesercenti warned that it would be discriminatory to single out certain business owners and not others.

    “Whoever has a commercial activity has rights and responsibilities: the responsibility to respect the rules and the right to remain open, whether your business is run by foreigners or by Italians,” said the association’s secretary general, Mauro Bussoni.[…]

  6. The man, identified as Mohammad A.R. sparked panic at Cologne’s station after he set the McDonald’s alight by pouring gasoline on the floor.

    Later he took a woman hostage in a nearby pharmacy and demanded the release of a Tunisian woman held in jail.

    A 14-year-old girl, who fled from the McDonalds suffered heavy burns on her legs. Fortunately others were unharmed.

    While eyewitnesses heard the man saying that he belonged to ISIS and wanted to join them in his native country, German police think Mohammad has psychological problems.

    He has a history of street offences since he arrived as a refugee from Syria in 2015. Police recorded 13 reports about Mohammad, among other things for fraud, theft and threatening behaviour.

    While prosecutors on Wednesday suggested there was a terrorist motive behind the attack, police now think otherwise.

    “Based on what we know so far, there are sufficient indications to suggest a radical Islamist background to this act,” federal prosecutors said yesterday.

  7. MEMRI TV – Iraqi Shiite Cleric: As Long as Tel Aviv, NY, DC Live in Peace, We’ll Have Ruin at the Hand of Jews

    Iraqi Shiite cleric Sheikh Muhammad Al-Lami gave an address in which he said that the Jews were involved in “everything that is happening in the world, especially in the Middle East,” including car bombs, “religious and ideological deviations,” economic ruin, destruction of infrastructure, and Sunni-Shiite hostilities.

    “As long as Tel Aviv, New York, and Washington live in peace, we will have ruin and destruction,” he said, adding: “We are being destroyed and these countries are safe, which means that they are our destroyers. The Jews!”

    Mentioning the antisemitic hadith about the Prophecy of the Rock and the Tree, Sheikh Al-Lami said that the Jews would “suffer merciless humiliation” at the hand of the Muslim believers. He declared: “Our Lord does not need to strike the arrogant nations with TNT or nuclear bombs, in order to destroy them. All the tyrants met their end by simple means.”

    The address was posted on Sheikh Al-Lami’s Youtube channel on October 1, 2018.

  8. Honduran ex-lawmaker who helped arrange massive migrant caravan to US is detainedA former Honduran lawmaker traveling with a caravan of migrants heading toward the U.S.-Mexico border was detained by authorities in Guatemala on Tuesday as President Trump threatened to arrest anyone entering the country illegally.

    Ex-legislator Bartolo Fuentes, who is said to have organized the march, was detained by Guatemalan authorities after failing to register with migration officials upon entering the country. Wilmer Simon Gomez and Michael Fajardo were among two others detained from the migrant group.

    • A more closed economy…

      If Communist China was anywhere NEAR attaining a “Closed” consumer-based economic loop, Western socioeconomic systems would be shrieking in terror. To the contrary, nothing of the sort is happening.

      A More Closed Chicom Economy would be the Death Knell for all Chinese people.

  9. South Korea denies refugee status to hundreds of Yemenis fleeing war

    SEOUL — South Korea denied refugee status Wednesday to hundreds of Yemeni asylum seekers who had fled their war-torn country, allowing them to stay only on one-year humanitarian visas.

    More than 500 Yemenis arrived on the resort island of Jeju earlier this year, taking advantage of the island’s visa-free tourism policy. But their presence sparked an anti-immigrant backlash in ethnically homogenous South Korea.

    On Wednesday, Seoul’s Justice Ministry granted 339 of them one-year humanitarian permits to stay, acknowledging that their “right to life and personal liberty” would be put at risk if they were deported.

    The ministry rejected permits for 34 others who face criminal charges or were judged to have sought asylum for economic reasons, and it postponed a decision on 85 others.

    The 339 will now be allowed to leave Jeju and travel to the Korean mainland. Their visas will be subject to review in a year if they wish to extend their stays.

    But advocacy groups and lawyers condemned the decision, saying it will hardly address the “precarious” situation the refugees face.

    “The judicial outcome appears to be a political decision rather than a legal conclusion based on objective principles,” said Lee Il, a human rights lawyer with the Seoul-based Refugee Rights Network.

    Last year, South Korea’s Justice Ministry completed reviews for 6,015 asylum seekers and rejected all but 91 of them. It granted stay permits to 23 other Yemenis in September but has yet to grant refugee status to any of the 481 Yemenis who have applied for it so far. Some Yemenis managed to leave Jeju for the mainland before the government crackdown and have not applied for asylum yet.

    “South Korea confers refugee status to only around 1 percent of applicants annually, marking one of lowest refugee acceptance rates among developed nations,” Lee said. “Even considering such limited acceptance in the past, it is appalling how not a single Yemeni applicant was granted refugee status at this time.”

    Meanwhile, more than 1,200 Syrians staying in South Korea on humanitarian permits do not have proper access to medical care or education and cannot invite their families to join them, Lee said. The “very thin” social safety net has made the Yemenis’ status insecure, he added.

    Kim Seong-in, who led support for Yemenis in Jeju for the Refugee Rights Network, said it was the first time that such substantial public antipathy has emerged in South Korea over the refugee issue.

    “In this landmark decision that will set standards for South Korea’s future policy toward refugees, the government took a largely defensive position in a passive response to public sentiment,” he said. “It is very regrettable how the judiciary failed to establish a fair judicial standard for dealing with the refugee issue out of shortsighted concerns about the popular response.”

    Jeju, an island better known for beach resorts, coral reefs and volcanic landscapes, was one of the few places that did not require advance visas for Yemenis, and they arrived by the hundreds earlier this year after a budget airline offered direct flights from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia — figuring it would be a springboard into mainland South Korea.

    Their hopes were dashed when South Korea quickly blocked them from leaving the island, then dropped Jeju’s visa-free status for Yemenis. Most of the refugees are men, but some are families with children.

  10. London BLOODBATH: Man killed after huge street brawl in Battersea (express, Oct 17, 2018)

    “A MAN has died after a street brawl at a housing estate in Battersea, south-west London, this evening marking the latest in a series of violent crimes in the area in recent weeks.

    Police rushed to Charlotte Despard Avenue at 5.30pm this evening following reports of a group of men fighting.

    The victim, believed to be in his 40s, was the only person still at the scene when officers arrived.

    Scotland Yard said the suspects had already fled.

    Paramedics and an air ambulance were scrambled to the scene but the victim was pronounced dead at 6.15pm…”

    • street brawl at a housing estate in Battersea

      Imagine if the housing estate were run by the Department of Redundancy Department. The pun potential would go supercritical.

  11. Israeli-Russian Relations: Where Are They Headed?
    What’s at stake — and what each side wants.
    October 17, 2018
    Joseph Puder

    At last Sunday’s Cabinet session, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. This would be the first meeting between these two “old friends” since the downing of the Russian spy plane last month, and the subsequent tension between Moscow and Jerusalem. Russia first blamed Israel for the downing of the Russian spy aircraft (Il-20) with its 15-member crew, when in fact it was shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft fire, during an Israeli attack on an Iranian-Syrian base in Latakia. In a telephone conversation between Netanyahu and Putin, the latter absolved Israel of responsibility over the downing of the plane. Still, the incident soured relations between Russia and Israel, and resulted in Russia providing the Assad regime with the vaunted anti-aircraft S-300 missile system, which has been recently delivered. It seems as if Russia’s accusatory tune toward Israel was an excuse to deliver the S-300 missiles to Syria, likely an attempt to restrict Israeli operations in Syria against Iranian and Syrian targets.

    Vladimir Shamanov, Chairman of Russia’s State Duma (the lower house of parliament) Defense Committee told TASS (Russian news service) on October 9, 2018, that Putin and Netanyahu will discuss air cooperation in their upcoming meeting. Russia and Israel have been successful thus far at de-conflicting military actions in the highly complexed Syrian theatre. Shamanov pointed out that the situation in Syria has drastically changed now that the S-300 missile defense system was placed in Syria. He added, however that, “There is no danger for Russian aircraft in the airspace of Israel, which is adjacent to Syria.”

    • Russia Giving Syria the S-300 Is More Message than Menace

      Why did the Russians give a more advanced version of an anti-aircraft system to Syria, an incompetent ally who just shot down their plane? Wouldn’t the delivery only raise the risk for Russians operating in Syrian airspace?

      For the Kremlin, the delivery of the S-300 is about assertion of further dominance in Syria. It is a political statement to the West, and everyone else in the region: Russia is here to stay.

      The S-300 gives Assad (and therefore Moscow) options they didn’t previously have to undermine the U.S. position in Syria. It potentially will provide additional cover to Iran’s and Assad’s activities in Syria. It could also complicate U.S. and coalition operations against ISIS.

      Learning to operate an S-300 takes months of serious training. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced it will take three months to train Syrians to operate the S-300. Yet the Syrians have been deploying the Soviet-provided S-200 for over 30 years, and still managed to shoot down a Russian plane. Putin’s confidence in Syrian military competence is undoubtedly low and casts doubt on Shoigu’s deadline.

      The S-300 is a powerful weapon but it has limitations. It has been around since the 1970s. U.S. and Israeli militaries have studied it for years and know its capabilities. Air surveillance and battle management also matters. If the air surveillance system is too slow to see an aircraft, for example, it doesn’t matter how strong the S-300 system is.

        • I think there’s some playacting.
          Even Russians at the controls aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. Part of the alarm is feigned – to flatter Putin. Give him face after losing 15 Russian soldiers.

          Putin’s peddling this system left and right, like a used-car salesman. Israel has an aura of near-invincibility: if the S-300! (400! 500!) is defending against the “devil’s magicians”, it must be awesome. Throw in some fake videos of intercepts, nab some customers.

          Now, Turkey’s acquisition of it will definitely harm our interests. The Turk will give away our F-35 if he adopts the Russian system. That’s the only way it will work – the systems aren’t interoperable.

          Maybe Mrs. May can get the Turk Novichok-ed. She seems to have spooks all over the place and owes our President big-time.

      • Wouldn’t the delivery only raise the risk for Russians operating in Syrian airspace?

        Since when has the USSR or Russia demonstrated sincere concern for the health and well-being of their jet fighter pilots?

        Why did the Russians give a more advanced version of an anti-aircraft system to Syria, an incompetent ally who just shot down their plane? Wouldn’t the delivery only raise the risk for Russians operating in Syrian airspace?

        Bark, bark, bark, bark … Bark, bark, bark, bark!!! … Bite?

    • Report: Israel, U.S. Send Secret Delegation to Ukraine to Train Against S-300

      Israel and the U.S sent a secret military delegation to Ukraine to test the Russian-made S-300 missile defense system, which Moscow recently provided to Syria, Israel’s Hadashot TV reported Monday, citing Syrian and Russian news outlets.

      One Russian report said that F-15 planes are training in Ukraine against the S-300 as part of an international exercise that includes Israeli pilots.
      Russia’s pitching this hugely expensive system to India, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. S-400, S-500 (!) Who knows if it’s anywhere near as great as its sales pitch?

  12. Minnesota Dems Call for Violence, 2 Republican Candidates Attacked
    October 17, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    This is what happens when your mainstream political party gets taken over by political radicals.

    It’s not just radical views, it’s radical tactics. The left is growing tired of working within the system. It’s turning into a revolutionary mob bent on destroying its political opponents, economically, politically, culturally and physically.

    Here’s another ground zero in Minnesota.

  13. 2m dual nationality Algerians are well integrated in France (memo, Oct 17, 2018)

    “Former French Interior Minister Jean-Pierre Chevènement, current President of the Foundation for Islam in France, and Head of the France-Algeria Association said that the Algerian community in France is well integrated in France despite some difficulties it is facing. He pointed out that there are 2 million dual nationality Algerians in France, and stressed that Paris should give Algeria special position in its foreign dealings.

    Jean-Pierre Chevènement also explained in an interview with Echorouk and a number of national media outlets in Paris that: “The Algerian community is the closest to the French people out of all communities, especially since it is well integrated despite some difficulties.”

    Chevènement considered that the Algerian community in France succeeded in proving itself and it is currently constituting a middle class where Algerians are educated, successful in their studies, and performing responsibilities and own companies and institutions.

    Chevènement pointed out that Islam has not been a big problem for the Algerians in France, especially since Algeria adopts the Sunni Islam. However, the Salafist movement has affected Islam in France and even in other countries.

    Chevènement believes that the failure of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) in performing its tasks is firstly due to the very low budget that does not exceed 30 thousand Euros per year.

    The second reason is what the interviewee called the conflict between Algeria and Morocco on this regard. Moroccans are considered to be more connected to Islam, for they apply traditional Islam and are influenced by the royal palace and the ruling party.

    Chevènement believes that the Algerian-Moroccan relationship is like the relationship between two brothers, but these two brothers are always in conflict.

    Chevènement described the French-Algerian relationship as unique, and France should give Algeria a special position in its foreign dealings and relations.

    The interviewee concluded by saying that “Algeria is an ungovernable country. However, it has very great qualifications, and the country is not sufficiently diversified yet. Therefore, Algeria and France have lost many opportunities in the past.””

  14. Report: Iraq’s Shia militias partnering with Daesh militants (memo, Oct 17, 2018)

    “Iraqi Shia militia is absorbing former Daesh fighters into their ranks, US magazine Foreign Policy has claimed, citing interviews with several Iraqi government officials and activists.

    The Popular Mobilisation Force (PMF), an exclusively Shia faction that played a significant role in the three-year war against so-called Islamic State militants, has reportedly started to join forces with some of their former opponents, in an effort to expand their influence into Sunni-majority areas previously held by Daesh.

    Considered by many as an Iranian proxy, PMF militias constitute a major force, with a coalition of allied groups known as the Fatah Alliance, securing 48 seats in the 320-seat Iraqi parliament earlier this year. The PMF won an official recognition as a national force late 2016, coming under the command of the prime minister, who is also the supreme commander of the armed forces.

    In an attempt to expand further, the PMF has looked to broaden its recruits. The Badr Organisation, one of the largest militias is believed to have recruited some 30 ex-Daesh fighters in the town of Jalula alone, while Asaib Ahl Al-Haq, one of the most extreme PMF factions has initiated 40 members from the same area, a disputed region between the Iraqi government and Kurdish forces.

    For ex-Daesh militants, the opportunity to work within the PMF allows many to return to their hometowns from which they had been ousted. Many locals had also joined the so-called Islamic State for financial reasons after post-war chaos in Iraq failed to provide them with stable jobs. When Daesh was subsequently defeated, many turned to the PMF for employment, being unable to otherwise join official security forces or apply for other positions.

    However, some senior members of Daesh are also believed to have entered the PMF’s ranks. According to Kurdish internal security forces, former Daesh commander Mutashar Al-Turki, who led the battle against the Peshmerga in 2014, is one such recruit.

    Some PMF factions have denied the existence of former Islamic State fighters in their battalions, with others admitting that whilst some had joined, they were dismissed after their links to Daesh became known. However other groups admitted that militants had been absorbed and changed their allegiances, with one citing Mutashar Al-Turki as an example of a “good man” who was now charged with securing the town of Tawuq against other militants.

    However, the alliance between former Daesh fighters and PMF groups presents numerous security problems for the Iraqi government in regards to monitoring former members and ensuring they pose no future security threat.

    Such recruitment is also likely to further disenfranchise the local Sunni population, who were oppressed by the rule of both so-called Islamic State fighters and Shia militias. Ongoing sectarian divisions and a lack of representation have cast a persistent shadow on Iraqi politics, with the country’s new leadership facing the challenge of fostering a more representative political climate.”

  15. Muslims prayed in wrong direction for 37 years in Turkey’s west (hurriyetdailynews, Oct 17, 2018)

    “Muslims in a village in western Turkey have discovered they had performed their prayers in the wrong direction for 37 years.

    The Sugören mosque, which was built in the Sugören village of the Yalova province in 1981, appointed ?sa Kaya as an imam last year.

    After local rumors that his congregation had been praying facing the wrong direction, Kaya recently applied to the mufti’s office in Yalova to check if the rumors held truth, Demirören News Agency reported on Oct. 17.

    According to the Quran, Muslims must perform their prayers five times a day in the direction of the qibla, which is the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.

    A team from the mufti’s office confirmed last month that the mihrab, a semicircular niche in the wall of a mosque indicating the qibla, had been built in the wrong place when the mosque was built.

    Instead of demolishing parts of the mosque to correct the mihrab, officials opted for an improptu solution and put white strips on the carpet indicating the right direction for prayer.

    “We have explained the situation to our congregation and most of them have reacted positively to our solution,” Kaya told the agency.”

  16. Turkish aid agency builds 3 mosques in Kyrgyzstan (AA, Oct 17, 2018)

    “Three mosques built by a Turkish aid agency in Kyrgyzstan were inaugurated on Wednesday.

    The Istanbul-based Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) built the mosques in Jalal Abad and Chuy regions. The mosques are named as Haji Nigar Yunus, Esref Ors and Omur.

    The inauguration ceremony of the mosques was attended by Semsettin Unal, religious services counselor of the Turkish Embassy in Bishkek; Orhan Sefik, IHH board member; Muhammet Hamza Nedimoglu, deputy coordinator of the Central Asia and Caucasus desk of IHH; representatives from Religious Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, Turkish philanthropists, and citizens.

    The construction of the three mosques raised the number of mosques in the regions to six.”

  17. Amnesty accuses France of systematic border violations (ansamed, Oct 17, 2018)

    “Amnesty International on Wednesday accused the French authorities of committing “systematic violations” of the rights of refugees and migrants at the border with Italy. The French section of the NGO reportedly the alleged violations of rights on the basis of an observation mission on October 12-13 at Briancon, in the French Alps. This is not far from the Italian village of Clavière, where a French gendarmery police van was seen dropping off two men, suspected of being African migrants, in woods last weel.

    This incident has caused tension between Paris and Rome, with Interior Minister and Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini refusing to accept a French apology on Tuesday. Amnesty International said it had found a “long list” of violations and said the “French government must stop turning a blind eye”.”

    • Amnesty accuses France of systematic border violations

      One entirely rotted through entity accusing another entirely rotted through entity of being entirely rotted through. Quelle surprise!!! Hokey smokes, Bullwinkle!

  18. If Donald Trump had been President when the US killed bin Laden…

    I will never forget Obama’s body language in the situation room, curled up on himself and his head stuck in his shoulders when the US killed Bin Laden.

  19. Turkey’s government writes working women out of textbooks (DW, Oct 17, 2018)

    “Turkey’s Education Ministry has sparked concern with its move to remake learning materials for students. A study has found that new textbooks diminish women’s role in the workforce and emphasize religion.

    Content has been heavily revised in textbooks published for Turkey’s 2017-18 academic year. Working for a Turkish pedagogics association with support from Germany’s laissez-faire Friedrich Naumann Foundation, the researchers Canan Aratemur Cimen and Sezen Bayhan examined the changes to the educational texts.

    For their report, Secularism and Gender Equality in Reformed Textbooks, the researchers compared the contents of 16 educational volumes covering social sciences, history and religion with the corresponding editions from 2016. Textbooks for the first, fifth and ninth grades had been altered.

    In fifth-grade social sciences texts, for example, the pair found that there were fewer representations of women in the workforce. The textbooks issued in 2016, on the other hand, had featured female engineers and veterinarians in a chapter on different types of work. The new editions also lack historical examples of women in positions of power.

    Bayhan told DW that she was most shocked by the return of the word “honor” to textbooks; the term, she said, has come back into vogue. “I think that the new curricula have been adapted to political Islam,” Bayhan said. “History has been rewritten. And it is obvious that the government has a problem with women.”

    Aratemur is concerned about another change in the content of the books. She found that the new textbooks grant an especially powerful role to religion: Spirituality is presented as the key factor for social coexistence. The 2016 textbooks had not so blatantly emphasized religion.

    “Religion corresponds to human nature and satisfies man’s need for faith,” an example reads. “With its clear rules, religion regulates community life. In this respect, it enjoys a special status in the creation of a social system.”

    ‘A sacred task’

    Religious martyrdom also has a prominent role in the new textbooks — and is used in reference to recent political events. “Many stories draw on the [1919-23] Turkish War of Independence or the failed coup attempt on July 15,” Aratemur said, referring to the 2016 effort to depose President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    The coup is being exploited to build a new image of a new nation and a new national identity. “From the Crusades to the Mongol invasion of Europe, it was a sacred task for our people to fight to the last drop of blood,” a ninth-grade textbook reads. “But the attacks against our country did not only come from outside. It is of great importance that the heroism that went down in history on the night of July 15 be passed on to future generations.”

    A secular education initiative has been established to fight the influence of the “ideological circulation” coming from the increasing number of Imam Hatip schools, where government-employed imams are trained.

    “We should be up there competing with the world but with this school system, that is not possible,” the activist Hülya Sen told DW.

    The initiative came about because more and more schools were converted to Imam Hatip academies. Sen and other parents want to take action.

    “We have problems because our children have to be integrated into the existing school system,” she said. “It’s a system that doesn’t give children the freedom to think for themselves — and it gets worse every day.””

    • In fifth-grade social sciences texts, for example, the pair found that there were fewer representations of women in the workforce. The textbooks issued in 2016, on the other hand, had featured female engineers and veterinarians in a chapter on different types of work. The new editions also lack historical examples of women in positions of power.

      Nevertheless, it’s not abject Muslim misogynists but, instead, us older Conservative, Caucasian males that go accused of wanting to “chain women to the stove” and keep them “barefoot and pregnant”. Curiously, the historical record points more toward Islamic patriarchal polygamy doing that while White men have sacrificed a goodly portion of their political power and quasi-arbitrary social control in the name of (BINARY) gender equality.

      This latest brand of LGBTQWXYZ “gender equality” is the Postmodernist Farce® brought to its logical extension—although not its ultimate one.

  20. Dem operative for Soros-funded group arrested for ‘battery’ against Nevada GOP candidate’s campaign manager

    A Democratic operative for American Bridge 21st Century, a group founded by David Brock and funded by liberal billionaire George Soros, was arrested Tuesday after the female campaign manager for Nevada GOP gubernatorial nominee Adam Laxalt accused the operative of grabbing and yanking her arm and refusing to let go.

    Kristin Davison and other officials for the Nevada attorney general’s campaign said the “battery” left her “terrified and traumatized” — and with bruises on her neck and arms.

    “Politics is a little bit aggressive these days, but this is just insane. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Davison, 31, told Fox News on Wednesday.

    According to the Laxalt campaign and local law enforcement, Wilfred Michael Stark III, 50, was arrested by the Las Vegas City Marshals on Tuesday evening and remains in custody in the Las Vegas city jail.

    • Good show, Richard. How delightful to see Ms. Shakespeare directly allude to Sigmund Freud’s brilliant nephew, Edward Bernays.

      Bernays would go on to change the terrain of commercial advertising, FOREVER!

  21. CBC – Asylum seekers crossing back to the U.S. illegally

    Asylum seekers crossing into Canada at illegal points of entry, it’s a scene that has become familiar to Canadians in recent years.

    Just last month, the RCMP apprehended 1,600 people. But now some are opting to jump back across the border into the U.S. illegally, and that has U.S. border patrol agents on the look out.

  22. NEW CIVIL WAR: MN GOP Candidates Assaulted After Dem Provocation

    You are not going to believe who was egging on the violence!

    As the “resistance” rhetoric of the democratic party increases in severity, there are some very real concerns that our nation could devolve into violence.

    In the eyes of some, this has already begun. We look out into the world and see the likes of Antifa pushing for incivility, possibly following after the recent declarations by none other than Hillary Clinton herself.

    This trickle-down trampling of the Trump presidency has been mutating in recent weeks, growing ever more worrisome as the mainstream media goads the nation into a climactic conflict. After all, wouldn’t a “New Civil War” be just great for their ratings?

  23. ISIS have taken 700 hostages – including US and European citizens – after raiding Syrian refugee camp and begun executing ‘ten prisoners a day’, says Putin (dailymail, Oct 18, 2018)

    “ISIS has kidnapped 700 people, including dozens of women and children, from a refugee camp in eastern Syria, and will ‘kill ten hostages every day’ unless their demands are met, Vladimir Putin said today.

    The Islamist terrorists have already murdered a number of hostages, and have warned of daily executions to come, the Russian President said.

    ISIS fighters attacked the refugee camp in Syria’s Deir-al Zor province last week, and kidnapped some 130 families, including several U.S. and European nationals, who may be foreign fighters or aid workers.

    ISIS militants attacked the refugee camp in an area of eastern Syria controlled by U.S.-backed forces on October 13, kidnapping around 130 families before taking them to the nearby city of Hajin.

    The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors Syria’s ongoing civil war, said the families are mostly made up of foreign women, including widows of ISIS fighters.

    Speaking at the Valdai discussion forum in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi, Putin said ISIS leaders had made demands, but did not specify what they were.

    ‘They have issued ultimatums, specific demands and warned that if these ultimatums are not met they will execute ten people every day.

    ‘The day before yesterday they executed ten people,’ Putin said, adding: ‘This is just horrible, it is a catastrophe.’

    The attack on the refugee camp in Deir ez-Zor last week came after several days of intense clashes between ISIS and the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces…”

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