A small sample of the awesomeness that is Matteo Salvini

Notes from the Translator on the Facebook page:

Some notes on this video-

I edited out about 6 minutes, mostly about pension reform and Salvini’s itinerary over the next week.

The date of the video was October 4th (this was a Facebook livestream).

deputy PM = deputy prime minister.

“Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.” He literally says “Take that and bring it home”. The tone and meaning of this are the same as the English phrase “Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.” He says this in non-standard Italian btw (Milan dialect).

At 5:00 Salvini lists some of his harshest critics, people who regularly criticise him publicly. To clarify he is giving these people a “big kiss”.

Roberto Saviano is a writer.

Riace is a village in Calabria (southern Italy). For years the mayor there has tried to increase the population with migrants. He was recently arrested for facilitating sham marriages, and for bypassing regulations by awarding contracts to local co-operatives (that employed local people and migrants).

Gad Lerner and Michele Santoro are journalists.

Social centres are organisations, usually left-wing / anarchist / counter-cultural, involving many young people and students, they advocate for various causes and are often involved in occupying buildings.

Asia Argento is an actress.

Mario Balotelli is a football player.

Gemitaiz is a rapper.

99 Posse are a band from Naples (this is why Salvini says Zulu was jealous of the reception he got in Naples recently).

When Salvini is talking about the number of “arrivals” he is talking about the numbers arriving on ships (he actually says “disembarkations”).

ARCI is a left wing organisation that also advocates for various causes.

Salvini is under investigation for an incident in August when he refused to allow migrants on a ship (the Diciotti) to disembark in Catania (Sicily).

This video took a bit longer than expected, I have lots of AfD stuff coming up next, I will upload the first of those probably on Wednesday /Thursday?

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6 Replies to “A small sample of the awesomeness that is Matteo Salvini”

  1. I will pay money to see a summit meeting with Trump and Salvini. I think Lefty heads would explode all over the universe. I love this guy. Thank God the Italians had enough sense to elect him and let him deal with the savages that have invaded their country.


  2. Yes, thank you for this. The man is awesome: standing up for Italians and, by extension, for the West, and doing so with flare and a sense of humor. To see his success and popularity is inspiring and hopeful – a real light in a generally darkening Europe.

  3. 10 14 2018 – Bolzano – northern Italy

    Lega Chef Matteo Salvini beim Kastelruther Spatzen Fest mit Norbert Rier auf der Bühne / ORF Beitrag

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