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10 Replies to “Defund ABC (Canadians pay attention)”

  1. Anytime the news industry is funded by a Government it becomes a part of the Government and ends up saying what the Bureaucrats want said.

    To rewrite one of Machiavelli’s comments, Only Tyrants and Oligarchs fear a free press.

    Machiavelli really said Only Turants and Oligarchs fear an armed populace, but the free press is part of that paradigm.

  2. I refuse to watch this dominating cunt who is not a journalist
    It is a farce
    BBC viewpoint
    Come and be interviewed is I can spew my position and
    Insult you and ram my views down your throat
    Bully bitches who propagandize as opposed to
    Asking questions and doing interviews
    But thanks for airing it so those who do see it have a chance
    To verify the fake media
    If they can still think critically which the liberal masses
    Have all but lost most of the capacity to do

  3. It is the same with our Christian churches…..When they received tax exempt status….that meant that the pastors could never criticize the corruption of the government from the pulpit……or risk losing it……Dr. Jerry Falwell called it “The Deafening Silence of America’s Pulpits!”
    Fewer Christians are voting these days….yet the mosques mobilize their worshippers for political agendas…Is their tax exempt status at risk?

    • They need to change the law that says Church’s can’t get political, the law was put in place by the left to stop the Church’s from opposing the leftist agenda. Repeal that law and then a lot of the Church’s will start trying to do what they are suppose to.

    Published on October 12, 2018

    Published on October 12, 2018 – Age-restricted video

    “Tommy Robinson faces antifa last night whilst out with Kevin.”
    Mark Braithwaite – Published on October 12, 2018 – no New Age restrictions
    Here’s Tommy Robinson facing antifa last night whilst out with Kevin.

    “This is the shittiest firm I’ve ever meet, look, LOOK!. Shitmob, look!”
    “You’ve all turned up with balaclavas on, come on, hit me. W**KERS”

  6. Tommy is an extremely brave man. She did not say why he started the EDL – it was because muslims were protesting to and spitting in the faces of BRITISH army – The Royal Anglicans – who had returned from Iraq and were marching in Luton – Tommy´s home town.
    He has also put up a rememberance plaque for Lee Rigby – who had his bloody head cut off in broad daylight in London. The filth that did this was talked into this by Anjem Choudary´s and his Al-Muhajiroun muslim gang – in Luton.
    That was in the past – now Tommy is a journalist who uncovers and talks about muslim rape gangs and everything that islam stands for.
    He should be called SIR Tommy.

      • I wonder if we can just sort of do a people’s knighthood. Were we just decide to call him Sir Tommy and accord him these honours. Take the power away from the Crown to do it by just doing it.

        Like what the left does by ignoring democratic authority as evil, maybe we can do the opposite and bestow honours without the authorization of hijacked agencies.

        Another example should be giving Tommy R. something like a Pulitzer for his amazing work exposing the muslim rape gangs and the British authorities’ complicity.

        And maybe we can make another prize for the BBC for covering it up.

        Maybe call it a Poo-litzer. Or poolicker prize. If the good people at South park don’t object.

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