Toronto: Another far left wing violent extremist attacks someone who thinks killing pre-born babies is wrong

From the Youtube Page:

On Monday, October 1, two Toronto Against Abortion team members were attacked while engaging in civil discussion about abortion with pro-choice counterprotesters at Ryerson. Gabby Skwarko, a member of the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective and last year’s Faculty of Arts Director at the Ryerson Students Union, approached Blaise Alleyne and Katie Somers from behind and launched into an attack on them and their property.

Another member of the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective attempted to block one of the cameras from filming the attack. Police and EMS were called. Katie Somers suffered injury, including bruising to her leg. An investigation is ongoing, but charges have not yet been laid. Free speech is under serious threat in Ontario, and especially at Ryerson, where people are being assaulted for peacefully and civilly sharing their beliefs.

While we are always peaceful and civil, we face violence and illegal activity often at Ryerson. This is one of many incidents our Ryerson Team has had to endure over the past two years from the student unions and the Reproductive Justice Collective. We continue to reach more and more people in the Ryerson community with the pro-life message every week, despite attempts by the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective to censor and stop us through assaults and thefts. Hearts and minds are being changed on abortion at Ryerson every week, and our team is growing. We will not be intimidated by violence. Pro-choice violence is a desperate attempt to slow our momentum, and the pro-choice violence we face is nothing compared to the pro-choice violence that pre-born children face in abortion.

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3 Replies to “Toronto: Another far left wing violent extremist attacks someone who thinks killing pre-born babies is wrong”

  1. This situation is all because spontaneous sexual partners refuse to be responsible if they don’t want a baby.

    I was reading few females are into contraceptives and male partners don’t want to become daddies. Very strange since when HIV AIDS was a vector of contamination, the guys would wear a condom. No longer today.

    Our younger generation is in trouble.

    BTW, I’ll never forget the extracted baby (Veritas Planned Parenthood video) that was put on an ice-cold platter while moving its limbs and turning around. That was my final turning point against abortion.

  2. No righteous person need be a punching bag for these anarchists!
    Know your rights about self defence……Christians need to start abandoning the martyr mentality for the warrior mentality! Demand criminal charges be laid for all threats and assaults! Be prepared to sue through civil process.

  3. Why is it always some short, fat lesbian who gets most violent? Probably because they are unlikely to ever get pregnant.

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