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12 Replies to “Interview with Nissar Hussein, apostate from islam in the UK”

  1. With Saad & Abdel-Samad it seems love at first sight. Strange to hear the two Arabic speaking. Unfortunately they are extremely rare exceptions, the mass of Muslims remains unwilling to integrate and resistant to education. As a secularized Jew of Lebanese origin, Saad never had any difficulties with assimilation anyway. Abdel-Samad has thus accomplished the greater transformation and adaptation, hence Saad’s visible recognition for it.

        • The civilized never have any difficulty integrating with the civilized. Only Islamists-muslims, Communists-socialists and sexual Doms-subs need Divertiy to check their privileges of parallel, separate and equal echo-chambers of hate and outrage.

          • Praising all the fems
            muslims, betas, gens
            Worms-for-turning mems
            Made superior again.

            Death, commands a Book
            Imprisoned if Mistook
            Raped from just a Look
            Three Identities-took.

            Submitting l bitches’ slaves
            Bellyfuls of rage
            Upon the Minimum Wage
            These killers rule the Age.

            • Every sentence, every line, every syllable of what you create by virtue of your intellect must offer a hand to others to whom you purport to want good things. Otherwise you are active on behalf of our enemies, without realizing it.

            • Dear Gaad, may I insert an (almost insignificant) restriction? Like the border wall of Israel or Hungary, there must also be prison walls. So there is a WE of civilized society, and a YOU of barbarism. Otherwise America could have allied itself with Hitler and embraced him. So please check your “theory” again.

              • I know it’s all “ugly” and against “humanism,” but if your neighbor smashes your windows in booze, you’ll sleep better when he’s taken away by the police and spends the night in the sobering cell. Could we agree on this “humanistic” compromise? And where is all this supposed to lead if we continue like this?

                Shall we now breed crocodiles in the bathtub out of sheer “love” to prove that we are “a part of nature” and connected to it on a “deeper level”?

                So I respectfully ask you to stop the intellectualized pleading, take note of the realities, and rather tell us how we have to protect ourselves from the dangers of this kind of “liberality”!

                Thank you!

              • Them and us.
                What do we look at
                that defines them with a cuss?
                Skin, race, gender, religion?
                Or consciousness?
                Forgive them for they know not what they do, and only let them in when they do.

  2. Excellent interview. Maybe Christian Englishman Nissar Hussein can reach out to this group. They could add a local chapter for apostates living in the UK.

    Barnabas Aid – We work by:

    Aiming the majority of our aid at Christians living in Muslim environments

    A Manifesto for Persecuted Christians – playlist

    Charity begins at home.

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