Interesting two minutes at the Toronto Linda Sarsour event

Link to facebook page for the event:

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6 Replies to “Interesting two minutes at the Toronto Linda Sarsour event”

  1. YT has done a great job of censoring your attempted debate in Toronto.
    Within minutes it was taken down several times.

  2. When Laura Loomer says Linda Sarsour “should not be working with the Democrats” she misses the point, which is rare indeed. The Dems are all about sedition and treason as it it’s the neutral position to take in their “hate filled” world.

    As Mohammadans and Dems/Libs become more desperate they also become more boldly reckless and fewer people, not more, actually see themselves as aligned with their genuine hatred for freedom and civility.

  3. To wake up in a Society of Sexuals, Socialists, and muslims; those who sold their souls for Peace. The agents out to destroy the Light in every child.

  4. This is a direct warning to all Canadians about this evil Islam. Do not ever believe they are your friends, if they did seriously and had nothing to hide Faith would have been admitted. Where is Trudeau when he is always talking about his diversity. Where is Trudeau when he is always talking about Dis-Crimination. This must stop and Andrew Scheer and Doug Ford and whoever the next Mayor is this must end or have these people forgotten about the Mosque in Quebec.

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