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8 Replies to “East meets West: What Trudeau is creating for Canada”

  1. If the Europeans are to survive in Europe they are going to have to remove the Islamic Invaders, they did it before and they can do it again.

  2. Director General of Claas Krasnodar: “Germans are similar to Russians”: The 17th Petersburg Dialogue will take place in Moscow on 7 and 8 October. Under the umbrella theme “Building trust, strengthening partnership: Civil society cooperation between Russia and Germany as an impulse for intergovernmental dialogue”, the working groups meet to discuss current issues.


  3. If Canadians want a taste of Islam, they should follow Imam Mazin Abdul-Adhim, the Canadian head of the terrorists group, Hibz ut-Tharir, living in London, Ontario. We have M-103 and this man from Iraq, is calling for Shari’ah law in Canada, Hell there is nothing wrong with him saying that–I grew up believing if one talked about overthrowing a country, that would be sedition or treason–not any more folks. 2019– 187 Liberals MUST be defeated.

  4. Hello,

    the “Global Compact for Migration” is to be adopted in Marrakech in December. This is an agreement of the UN, i.e. the United Nations, on future immigration. The agreement is a socio-political nuclear bomb. According to the Global Compact, everyone has the right to settle anywhere – regardless of whether they are refugees or migrants. This means that there is no longer any state sovereignty and no borders. There are only “open settlement areas” left. These goals are clearly formulated in the so-called campaign booklet. It says:

    “Migration becomes an own human right. This right takes precedence over the rights of the natives. States must actively promote migration, e.g. through safe travel routes. Migrants are of course fully entitled to all social benefits. Migrants should be able to live their own culture in cities to be founded for this purpose.” One would then have e.g. stonings after the Sharia in Mecklenburg, and Hindu widow burnings in Bavaria.

    Of course, children of migrants should automatically acquire the citizenship of the country in which they were born. And additionally those of father and mother, i.e. up to three nationalities. Every migrant child is allowed to bring its entire family with it. And critical reporting on migration should lead to the loss of any state support, e.g. the cancellation of advertisements. For example, freedom of the press and freedom of opinion are to be curtailed at the same time.

    Because the left-green radical globalists of the UN know that this concept would meet with opposition, they initially presented a defused paper which, however, still describes migration as “unrestrictedly positive and inevitable”. This paper was adopted by the EU Parliament in April 2018, also with the votes of the old German parties.

    In the meantime, the draft has secretly and quietly grown from 25 to 34 pages. Under the leadership of Foreign Minister Maas, without parliamentary consultation, with clear tightening at the expense of the European countries. This is how “politics” works.

    EU leader Juncker once described this aptly: “We decide something, then put it in the room, and wait a while to see what happens. If there is no big shouting and no riots, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, then we will continue. Step by step, until there is no turning back”.

    This “no turning back” is what Mrs Merkel wants to ensure in Marrakech. If she agrees to the Global Compact, it will become politically binding, and later also binding under international law. Then the sovereignty of Germany will finally be over. Then all gates will be open for all. And – and this is crucial – they can no longer be closed.

    The Global Compact is a work of left-wing enemies of the West. They want the great repopulation, they want to destroy the European peoples. And the nation states.

    António Guterres, Commissioner responsible for refugee policy at the UN and President of the Socialist International for many years, says this explicitly: “The receiving countries have a duty to guarantee and ensure the annual resettlement requirements. These countries do not have the right to close themselves off to migration.”

    This makes the dream of all local leftists come true. Germany, the “bad piece of shit” (anti-German slogan), will cease to exist, its population “thinned out and pushed back” (Joschka Fischer), just as Jürgen Trittin, Katrin Göring Eckardt and other leftists literally longed for.

    Hungary and the USA have already rejected the Global Compact, as have the wise Danes. In Germany, only you can stop the Global Compact. By writing to the deputy of your constituency in the Bundestag that he must prevent the Global Compact. And if you live in Hesse or Bavaria, send a powerful signal to Berlin: Give AfD your voice – vote AfD!

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