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33 Replies to “Perjury by vocal-fry Ford?”

  1. With all the gloom and doom, it’s just the greatest to end the day with a real feel-good story.

    I watched tonight’s Trump MAGA rally – He was really upbeat. He spoke a lot about Kavanaugh and he’ll be confirmed. Senator Mitch McConnell said Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

    I expect more drip-drip stories to come out. Vengeance is mine, said The Lord.

    • The left is destroying the rule of law and the peaceful exchange of power in the US, in their arrogance they think they are the only people who can or will play these games. They are about to discover that most of the truly hard men are on the side of freedom, these are the men who are capable of throwing the rule book out the wonder until the war is over and then going home to live in peace.

      The sleeping giant is waking up and getting ready to fight back, the world will tremble at what that giant does to its internal and external enemies.

      • Going to the VA and talking to like minded vets always helps raise my spirits.

        Now if medical science would heal me so I could raise and drink a glass of decent scotch.

        • I’ll have some for you.
          I’m sorta un/lucky: I can’t get drunk. Can’t metabolize booze – beyond the slightest glow, I throw up.

          So I take one drink, go sloooow, and make sure to enjoy every sniff and every drop. Only the very best.

  2. “Unfortunately for Ms. Blasey-Ford, her testimony is now directly contradicted by a former six-year boyfriend who witnessed Ms. Ford coaching a friend named Monica McLean how to take a polygraph examination:”

    Never underestimate the cucks.

    • Sex before marriage.

      This code of conduct of a Credit-Debt generation.

      The intellectual-females of Marxism to the superior-males of Islam. Only egos copulating with shadows of their former selves.

      “Rape charges are dropped in Las Vegas against four California dentists, three of whom are brothers, after cellphone video showed woman’s accusations were ‘completely fabricated”

      As is the post-modernism of New Age, New Mothering and New Genders, this ‘newspaper’ has no news about what actually happened.

      And so it raises a speculation of the willing female held between Islam-inspired jihadi-rehearsers and a souvenir video for the cousins back home.

      All in a society of subs and doms that calls consciousness – the counterintuitive voice – Apostacy and a Hate Crime at the same time.

    • This is the usefulness of cucks:

      “Spousal privilege (It is also frequently defined as marital privilege or husband-wife privilege) is a term used in the law of evidence to describe two separate privileges: the communications privilege and the testimonial privilege. Both types of privilege are based on the policy to promote marital felicity, and Under the Federal Rules of Evidence, in a criminal case the prosecution cannot compel the defendant’s spouse to testify against him. Also refer as spousal immunity, marital privilege or spousal testimonial privilege.”

      Do they want all Useful Idiots to betray ‘the one you lie to when you lie with them?’

      Of course the Marxists do.

      “Heterosexual couples in England and Wales will be given the option of entering into civil partnerships rather than get married, prime minister Theresa May has announced.

      Mrs May told the Evening Standard on Tuesday that the change in policy will ensure that all couples are given the same choices in life.”

  3. I wonder if Blasey Ford is going to get charged with perjury or with lying to the FBI. Saying she had a fear of flying when she did not is a real lie. Saying you’ve never given advice on polygraph tests when you have is a lie. Of course, it’s “he-said-she-said” again.

    I wonder if going against the Democrats would be a good way for an FBI agent to put a nice big ceiling on their career? I wonder how bad it actually is and how much like James Comey the rest of them are. Does Trump need to invent the National Law Enforcement Agency, or Nat-Lea? (Like “Natalie”) and fold the Feds? Hell, we’ll have all forgotten about the legacy FBI by the New Year…

  4. I had a discussion with my husband at 5:15 this morning as he was getting ready to go to work about the male apricot poodle that has been coming into our yard, camping out at our back door and even barking to be let in:
    Me: The poodle is a rapist
    Husband: How do you know that?
    Me: The poodle licks our dog’s butt and licks inside his ears.
    Husband: That doesn’t make him a rapist.
    Me: The allegation is enough… but yeah, apologize for the rapist. You men are all alike! Do you really want a rapist poodle coming into our yard for the next ten years?
    Husband: Maybe that is his identity… Are you going to fault him for his identity?
    Me: Are you going to allow a rapist poodle to be anywhere near us?

    5:15 am is more like a dream sequence than anything else. I should have slept in.

  5. Dershowitz: If Evidence Shows Kavanaugh Accuser Swetnick Committed Perjury – She Belongs in Prison

    On Wednesday night Alan Deshowitz told Tucker that Swetnick should be tried and jailed if she committed perjury.

    Alan Dershowitz: I have done some research on it and there are some ethical and bar rules that say when you submit an affidavit even to Congress and you later learn that there are things in the affidavit that are false you have a continuing obligation to withdraw the affidavit. You cannot allow an affidavit to remain on the record if you have information suggesting it’s false… She has to be investigated independently of the background check, criminally investigated to see if she deliberately and willfully… made a decision to frame somebody that he had nothing to do with. The evidence seems to suggest they never knew each other they were years apart. They were operating in different circles. It wouldn’t surprise me if an FBI investigation proved they never met each other. And if that turns out to be the fact she belongs in a court of law being prosecuted, with the presumption of innocence. But if the evidence shows she committed perjury, prison.


    Dershowitz: Kavanaugh dispute ‘all about partisanship’

  6. Why no one bothers suggesting filing charges in Montgomery County….
    https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Attorney-Teens-Charges-to-be-Dropped-in-Rockville-School-Rape-Case-421448613.html Rape and sexual assault charges have been dropped against two young immigrants accused of raping a 14-year-old girl in a bathroom of a high school in Rockville, Maryland, prosecutors say….Under Maryland law, statutory rape laws apply when the older person is a full four years older than the younger person.

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