Muslim refugees on Greek Isle show gratitude by throwing away all the gifted food

300918-1 from PS Mediathek on Vimeo.

A video that outraged many Greeks. The video is from the refugee camp Moria, the island of Lesbos. It shows angry migrants dumping their meals in the street. According to the Greek news portal News One, the inhabitants of the camp want to protest against the bad food and their living conditions.

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9 Replies to “Muslim refugees on Greek Isle show gratitude by throwing away all the gifted food”

  1. If the jizya is not acceptable then bad things tend to happen: They’d best rectify this situation as soon as possible. I’m being a bit facetious, I suppose, since the word “jizya” may (or perhaps not) be too strong a word to use here but muslims do generally speaking seem to lack the capacity for simple gratitude and to also possess a perpetual sense of entitlement (they ARE the superior ones, after all – or so they truly believe). These traits are clearly at work in this case.

  2. Strange as it may seem, this may well be all for the best.

    Just as with how these sort of opportunistic ingrates rejected donated blankets and clothing, so will their refusal of these food contributions help to cement in place, Muslim Fatigue™.

    The “Palestinians” already have made “donor fatigue” a household world. This sort of most recent, unbelievably disrespectful attitude only will serve to entrench negative perceptions of these eternally thankless Islamic bastards.

    • Maybe, but the Palestinians are still receiving a ton of money. A lot of it comes from the EU, thus out of my taxes, isn’t that great.
      The ME’s best universities are in Palestinian territories because of this. And their alumni manage to get jobs in academia in the west, very rare for Arabs.
      They also have the highest birthrate after Guinee. Jihad of the womb I guess, yet activists talk about “genocide”. i think the population of Gaza quadrupled over 70 years.

    • No Greeks donated any of that food. it was obviously all made by some agency for this exact reason and paid for unwillingly, by Greek and other taxpayers and I would bet odds, a ton from Canada.

      It was packaged quite specially and uniformly. People should be rioting in the streets at how they are being abused by the commies and muslims. It is just freaking surreal.

  3. I am reminded of one of my sons that was a picky eater. He would make a fuss at dinner and I would say “this is dinner, next stop breakfast.” And I would take his plate away.
    I knew other mothers that turned themselves into short order cooks but quite frankly, I didn’t have the energy or the patience to do that. And guess what, no one starved to death!
    So, all I can say to these charming ingrates is I guess you weren’t hungry, next stop breakfast…
    The first time I heard of this phenomenon was migrants complaining about Italian food. I laughed out loud!

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