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3 Replies to “Theresa May from the Trudeau school of rhetorical nonsense”

  1. “Which is why we must call out:
    – Hate Speech
    – Anti-Semitism
    Islamophobia and
    All Forms of Prejudice and Discrimination
    (against minorities)
    Wherever we find it.”

  2. What a load of convoluted BS. She’s supposed to be a conservative and she sounds like Trudeau himself. That the only reason anybody has any problem with Islam is that they are narrow-minded white bigots is the narrative she wants to shove down our throats no matter how many thousands of deadly Islamic terrorist attacks happen around the world. According to Theressa, if we could just silence the ignorant haters the whole Islamic Jihad thing would just kind of go away… Talk about sticking your head in the sand and your ass in the air…

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