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9 Replies to “Turks in Cologne Germany”

  1. During the state visit of the Turkish dictator Erdogan in Cologne, a young Iranian woman who carried an Israeli flag was insulted and threatened by Turks.–
    During a visit to Cologne by the Turkish dictator Erdogan, who is highly esteemed by Mrs. Merkel and her followers, a young Iranian woman carrying an Israel flag across Cologne was attacked, insulted and threatened by Turks. Here is the translation of her post:

  2. If I recall correctly, a few years ago, Erdogan claimed he could basically just flip a switch and make many parts of Europe under his rule.

    It seems as though Erdogan refuses to acknowledge that just one Spec Ops team could “flip a switch” and put out his lights.

    • I wouldn’t brush it off so lightly.

      A mustachioed megalomaniac ruling the nation that pioneered modern genocide in Europe, merging with the nation that perfected techniques and achieved considerable success a few decades later – that’s not trivial.

      There may be more synergy at the executive level than is apparent to the casual observer. The Merkel/Mogherini/Turk steadfast devotion to the radioactively toxic Twisted-Ragheads is interesting.

      Turk brawn and German industrial sophistication. Two accomplished génocidaires and one rabid wannabe.

      Spec-Op to the rescue? Tales of derring-do, but somebody has to order those “switches flipped”. Any such operation would require massive logistical support and parallel conventional commitment.

      That won’t be forthcoming from the USA.
      And there isn’t anybody else.
      It’s just a comforting fantasy.

  3. If I recall correctly, a few years ago, Erdogan claimed he could basically just flip a switch and make many parts of Europe under his rule. I can’t see how he would be wrong.

    I don’t doubt he can’t, but as NR stated all it takes is one Spec Ops team to flip a switch on him. If he does flip his switch it won’t be too long before he is no longer a threat to the world. This won’t stop the fighting in Europe but will (probably) cause intramural fighting as the problem of choosing a new Caliph emerges. Don’t forget that Erdogan may decide to make trouble in Europe to gain an advantage in the Middle Eastern politics of who is the most powerful and influential.

  4. Definitely creeps out many [otherwise reasonable] Evangelicals.
    They see the Turk realizing the prophesy in Ezekiel: 38-39.

    The geography is about right, but I’ve never been able to relate to that Book of Scripture. And many combine it with Revelations, which is even more obscure to me.

    • Revelations was an encoded document and to the best of my knowledge no copy of the code still exists. I have heard that some people say they have partially decoded the document but haven’t seen any proof.

      Ezekiel: 38-39: I have seen some writings on this prophecy that says that the common interruption about Russia being part of the Prophecy is wrong and that either Gog or Magog is actually Turkey because of the location of Ankara. I don’t know if they are right about it being Turkey or not, I do know that I seriously doubt that this is the end times.

      • Yeah, Turkey’s the consensus now.
        Thousands of Evangelicals have been in Israel this week to celebrate Sukkot, the Feast of Booths.
        Lots of articles and videos, much talk about this Turk phenomenon. I love the geography lessons.

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