US supports anti-Maduro’s protest at UN: Links 1, Sept. 28/18

1. Denmark does U turn on ‘multiculturalism’

2. Germany greets new Caliph

3. ‘Angry’ Swedish PM Insists EU Must ‘Force’ Third World Migrants on Every Member State

Ahead of the informal summit in Salzburg, Swedish leader Stefan Löfven angrily insisted he will argue for mandatory asylum seeker quotas, reportedly showing “anger” at current EU Presidency chair Austria’s declaring the policy dead.

“I will continue to pursue the issue of compelling countries to accept a quota of refugees coming to Europe because all countries have a responsibility to receive asylum seekers,” Sweden’s prime minister toldAftonbladet.


Responding to the suggestion that this would be pointless, as the newspaper pointed out resistance to mandatory migrant quotas has been “growing rather than subsiding” — not only in Hungary but now across other countries in Europe — Löfven insisted that the arguments for forcing third world migrants on unwilling nations were as strong as ever.

4. France looks like a nice place to visit these days.

(Our French translator’s best guess, is this is ANTIFA attacking someone.)

5. Here is a live stream of the Senate committee last day on Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Lindsay Graham was fantastic in this video, which you should be able to rewind and watch near the start.

Related: Woman who accused Bill Clinton of rape is livid at the double standard of Democrats.

6. Someone inside Capitol Hill is DOXXING Republican members on Wikipedia!

(Let this put to rest any notion that the Democrats actually want a better, more Constitutional USA. This is a clear statement on what they are willing to do for power, which means almost certainly that if they achieve power, the transformation they will cause will make their own tactics a death penalty offence. History shows this is generally the case.)

7. US ambassador calls for Maduro ouster with megaphone diplomacy

United Nations (United States) (AFP) – The US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, on Thursday joined Venezuelan protesters outside the world body headquarters and called for the ouster of President Nicolas Maduro.

Haley’s embrace of demonstrators was highly unusual for a diplomat from a major power at the staid United Nations and came a day after President Donald Trump hinted at military options against Maduro’s leftist government.

“We are going to fight for Venezuela and we are going to continue doing it until Maduro is gone!” Haley shouted from a megaphone.

“We need your voices to be loud and I will tell you, the US voice is going to be loud,” she said.


Thank you, MissPiggy, M., Richard, EB., Wrath of Khan, and ALL who sent in materials.

This is shaping up to be a fall of change. Let is be also a change where the left falls.

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12 Replies to “US supports anti-Maduro’s protest at UN: Links 1, Sept. 28/18”

  1. #1 Denmark
    When the Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini put his fatwa out on Salmon Rushdie the British should have declared war on Iran and put a cruise missile through the bastard’s dining room window at suppertime. But they a bunch of other stuff instead and things got worse. When the Saudis did 9/11 and knocked down the World Trade Center George Bush should have singled the hate preachers that caused the attack and assassinated them forthwith instead of going after Saddam, who was a sort of “ally” against the Jihadists and did not do 9/11… And things got even worse…

    Now the Danes are talking about “Christianity” but what does Jesus have to do with it? Islam is equally toxic to Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroastrians, and Jews. The victim’s religion has nothing to do with it. They are letting people into the country whose “bible” instructs them to destroy any and all people who do not share their faith – period. Never mind Christianity. It has nothing to do with it. It’s just another stupid ignorant wrong-headed reaction from appeasers who can’t even admit there is a problem let alone think clearly about a solution…

    • “Christianity” is the cultural model.
      Danish identity, history, and codes of conduct reflect values described in the aspirational ideal as “Christian”. They might also be called “Judeo-Christian”, but that would be ahistorical, an unnecessary concession to PC that no Danish Jew, Buddhist, or Hindu requires.

      The usage is not constrained by the dictionary definition of religion. Islam has abused that practical Western definition, exploited it magisterially to take over all our institutions. Islam is a sociopolitical construct that incorporates values and beliefs that are antithetical to the Western model of civilization.

      The Danes are using that concept – pars pro toto – to take back their nation. A bit of reversal that just might work. May G-d bless their endeavor.

    • Saddam was one of the people who pushed al Qaeda to attack the US, and he had already committed an act of war by trying to assassinate an ex President. The Propaganda Media refuses to tell people about these actions so they can scream about us attacking Saddam for no good reason.

      As we all know there is no suck thing as non state backed terror groups, Saddam was one of the big backers of al Qaeda, he even had an al Qaeda training camp (that he was paying the trainers) in Northern Iraq.

      • Glad you corrected the Saddam- al-Q connection, Richard.

        Resist over-simplification to sectarian Shia-Sunni. Despite – or, rather, because – of the fact that the players themselves almost always do.

        That’s a ruse.

        Iran supports the MB and its affiliate, al-Queda. Saddam – arch-rival – provided training, weapons, and sanctuary to them too. The Saudis still do: they support Shittes in Lebanon over Sunnis when the Shittes seem more tractable.

        “Friends” turn on each other all the time. Tribal factions within countries support rival groups, undermine each other for their own reasons.

        • The left also pushes the simplified view to hide the connections so they can make the realistic self defense moves by the Patriotic people in the West seem to be just random attacks out of blood lust.

  2. #4, somewhere above, in France.

    Utterly terrifying. Attempted murder right there in broad daylight on the street.

    Bad times ahead.

    Please confirm what this was, who was involved.

  3. 6 – As I said previously we can expect the left up increase the level of violence, they can either increase the level of violence into an asymmetric civil war or surrender, I don’t see them surrender when they are so close to getting total control of the US.

  4. #4. Val-d’Oise: a teenager lynched by a rival gang

    An ultra-violent brawl occurred late Wednesday night in Garges-lès-Gonesse, during which a young man was seriously injured by a gang. Two other youths were shot and wounded. Three people are in custody.

    A real lynching at the foot of a building. Wednesday evening, around 19:30, a violent fight between perhaps fifty young people broke out in Garges-lès-Gonesse. A teenager aged about 16 was savagely assaulted by a gang. Two others were previously shot in the clash.

    The scene takes place rue des Mûriers. A group, some of whom appear to be just 15, spots the victim. He has hidden under a car to try to escape them. His attackers, a dozen, then shoot him by the legs. Equipped with sticks, hockey sticks, crutch or iron bars, they multiply the blows with incredible violence. Several sticks break in shock. They target the body, but also the head. The victim tries to protect himself with his arms, before letting go. Another person in turn kicks the teenager’s head. “Let him go! “Launches a resident of the building, witness of the scene that is filmed.

  5. #.4 –

    Daily Mail – Video of ‘attempted lynching’ in lawless Paris suburb shocks France: Hooded mob are filmed savagely beating teenage victim, 17, with hockey sticks and a crutch

    Three teenagers are facing attempted murder charges following a brutal attack
    A video shows the gang attacking a 17-year-old boy in a Paris suburb
    Witnesses said the mob were using weapons ‘to beat the life out of the boy’
    The victim attempted to scramble under a car to escape from the baying mob

    Three youths including a 14-year-old schoolboy were facing attempted murder charges in France today following the savage gang attack of another teenager.

    A horror video shows a mob allegedly trying to kill their 17-year-old victim in broad daylight on a council estate in the northern Paris suburbs.

    Makeshift weapons including hockey sticks, petanque balls and a crutch were used to repeatedly beat the youth around the head and upper body.

    He was finally dragged away by terrified locals who witnessed the assault, and was rushed to an intensive care unit.

    The images – which involve mainly white youths in their early teens – come at a time of increasing gang violence in France, especially on the tinderbox housing complexes surrounding major cities.

    The latest outrage unfolded in Garges-les-Gonesse, in the Val-d’Oise department, some 20 miles from the centre of Paris, on Wednesday afternoon.

    ‘It was a terrifying attack,’ said an investigating source. ‘The thugs can be seen using their weapons to beat the life out of the boy.

    ‘He tried to hide underneath a car, but was dragged from underneath it, and then everybody got involved.

    ‘Many had hoods up, and were wearing caps, but their faces were still easily identifiable.

    ‘The blows went on and on, even when it was obvious he couldn’t take anymore. Adults living can be heard shouting, and calling for the boy to be released.

    ‘What happened is being linked to a feud between rival gangs, and a settling of scores. It could easily have ended in murder, but the boy was quickly rushed to hospital.

    ‘He was suffering from severe head injuries, and underwent emergency treatment. His life is no longer in danger.’

    Around 10 suspects were involved in the attack, with those now in custody including the two schoolboys aged 14 and 16, and a 20-year-old man.

    A judicial enquiry was opened on Friday afternoon, as magistrates said they were investigating ‘attempted murder’, ‘aggravated violence’, and an ‘armed gang attack’.

    The two minors were held in pre-trial detention facility, while the third defendant was placed on remand in an adult prison.

    Nobody linked to the case – either attackers or victim – have yet been identified by the French authorities, who are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

    They believe that the lynching was related to an earlier attack in Garges-les-Gonesse, when youths aged 16 and 19 were wounded by lead shot fired by a ‘rival gang member,’ said the source.

    On Saturday families living on estates in the Val d’Oise, including many from Garges-les-Gonesse, will join marches calling for ‘peace and understanding’ between young people.

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