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10 Replies to “Dems walk out after Senate committee sets vote”

  1. Good news. The Dems were absolutely desperate to prevent a Republican majority on the bench of the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is an exemplary judge, with an impeccable record. All they could rake up was one unsubstantiated claim of misbehaviour by underage drunken high school teens from almost forty years ago. How far the mighty US of A has fallen. Despicable. I hope “Doctor” Ford is nailed with a perjury charge – but not likely. She will take the cheque from Soros and run for the hills.

  2. This was just more resistance to the people regaining our freedom. Earlier today I heard on FOX that the Senate is going to try and have a vote on Kavanaugh tomorrow, if true and the vote takes place he will be able to be seated on the new Supreme Court session.

  3. The communists really are doing everything they can not to lose their grip on power. I’m pretty sure they are willing to kill for it too.

  4. It turns out that I am a sexal survivor!
    Who knew that a sexual attack forty years ago would become relevant today.
    To this I say phooey.
    You want to know what happened to me? Research the NYPD records, it’s all there.
    So,a woman that claims her entire life has been disrupted by a high school drunken party? Try being thrown onto a dirty floor of a subway train… Amazing how I was able to get over it,

  5. These people are fcking demented. God help the US if the Democrats get control of the House of Representatives…and god forbid the Senate. Scary times

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