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8 Replies to “An arrest in Berlin”

  1. Any suggestions that there will be filed charges of resisting arrest?

    Why the suspect didn’t depart in an ambulance is beyond me.

  2. He has three or four burly cops on him and he still doesn’t relent. They punch and knee him because he deserves it. What drug is he on? And look at how scared the police are of muslim bystanders. It appears to be a broken society.

        • I haven’t heard of PCP use in Europe.

          You’re right. “Angel Dust” is likely quite rare in the EU, whereas meth would be a lot more common (and still explanatory of such vigorous “opposition”).

          I only mention PCP because its users are renowned for shaking off some half-dozen enthusiastic cops at a single time.

          Several rinse-and-repeats of a “wood shampoo” for this particular suspect might have been of immense benefit.

    • It is a very broken society and it is going to get worse, much worse. What is happening there is going to be happening here in a couple of years.

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