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7 Replies to “Katie Hopkins, OIC side event on UK Orwellianism”

  1. I skip some vloggers altogether if they’re cultivating a demographic that seems to exclude me deliberately. Example: Styhexenhammer666.
    I’m more of a Victor Davis Hanson groupie, myself. {blush}

    Language and dress that’s calculated to offend – been there, done that. 19th century, proto-commie, decadent poets with their épater la bourgeoisie. That’s a movement that doesn’t end well.

    Cosplay and gratuitous vulgarity don’t approach the shock and horror of everyday reality. One grotesque crime after another, barbaric practices in our midst, a political process that’s coarsened to obscene tabloid fodder….

    We can’t avert our eyes. We’ve got to know what’s coming at us.
    • Anticipate
    • • Block
    • • • Counter
    • • • • Knock-out

    • Katie is unique in every way. She’s a classic investigative journalist. She could’ve been a WW-2 war correspondent, old movie version. Tough, fearless, magnificent.

      Katie’s not formulating an image as a Twitter/YT personality.
      Some of the young people are quite good. But most of them need to spend more time editing so they can spend less time yapping. Their excessive profanity is sloppiness, not style. Maybe their vocabularies are limited. Reading great books is underrated amongst that cohort.

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