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7 Replies to “Tommy Robinson between SKY and ARD media hit jobs”

  1. Mr. Robinson has become (it seems to me) a skilled and eloquent speaker. Of course, whether anything that he said will get through to indoctrinated progressives like his interviewer, is another question. Maybe. And I pray he’s right in his speculation that the AfD is the future of Germany (he was probably trying to rattle their chain as well).

    On another issue: he mentioned that he could have apologized and probably gotten a decent plea bargain (especially if he promised to shut up about islam), but he chose not to in order to continue fighting on behalf of the raped and abused girls and other victims of islamic aggression. Calling him a hero is not too strong a statement: he is.

  2. Tommy Robinson tells Katie Hopkins: “I’m going to be put back in prison”

    ( 29 min )

    Katie Hopkins of TheRebel.media sat down with Tommy Robinson in September 2018 to talk about his life, beliefs, trial and future

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