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3 Replies to “Ottawa Pharmacist busted, robbing his own store, to cover dope dealing”

  1. Those “white Canadians” are such sticklers about rules and stuff – never let a guy have any fun. But on the plus side, boy, isn’t Ottawa a diverse and vibrant place nowadays? It’ll soon be competing with Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Edmonton for imported crime … er, diversity.

  2. Ottawa Pharmacist busted, robbing his own store, to cover dope dealing

    It’s rather obvious that Waseem Shaheen was learning his “A,B,Cs”

    The only problem being that it was the class drawers in his pharmacy’s narcotics safe.

  3. There’s a european politician called Lodewijk Asscher who tried to sell mass immigration by claiming that only wealthy, highly educated people were coming in, and that they’d be a shot in the arm for our economy. He was always talking about “the pharmacist from Aleppo”.
    So.. turns out he went to Canada! Lol.

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