Canada has indeed raced past Orwell to Kafka

One responder in the thread wrote: “Shrodinger’s Verdict”.

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  1. It amazing to see nations self destructing. I used to wonder how Rome fell or how the Germans embraced Castro or Hitler. Now I know. Its our destiny to be overwhelmed by evil, petty, lazy, envious parasites who want immediate gratification regardless of the long term consequences. People who long for utopia without realizing how good their lifestyle is.

    People who cannot grasp that different people seeing the same thing will respond differently. These dolts live in cozy little enclaves of the mind shackled where there is no vision other than their own. These same people will commit any crime to create their utopia because they believe in nothing and refuse to be judged by the moral standards of others.

    I am glad I will not have to see the reaping of the seeds these critters are planting. I believe we will enter a new dark age where anything is possible and acceptable.

  2. Canada has indeed raced past Orwell to Kafka

    Not an easy task at the best of times. Trudeau’s iron determination would be admirable were he not such a vile, squirming Pomo maggot.

  3. He joins the merkel, may, hilary, macron list of disposable human beings. I just wish the use by date for all was before June 2018.

  4. I’m concluding he was found not guilty but they don’t want the far-left haters to know because it will cause them to react violently.
    So, congratulations on being found not guilty.

  5. Back in “the day” there was a Canadian comic whose take on a Canadian being outraged was:
    “I am going to write me a god-damned letter!”
    It’s about 9 AM on a Monday, Sept 24/2018.
    By this time tomorrow, I’ll have me that letter and a whole list of people to send it to!
    Enough is enough.

    • She is both guilty and not guilty!

      Like Tommy Robinson, you mean?

      These odiously “fine grained” legalistic minutiae are beyond tedious or boring. The logical extension will be attained when there is a specific law for using every particular word in the entire English language (pluralized or contracted).

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