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5 Replies to “AfD subjected to steady ad hominem, walk out of German Parliament”

  1. What a self righteous, mean-spirited, contemptuous vile pig he is. He gives no facts, presents no rational arguments, only spews hatred and bile in a Hitler-ish fashion over the floor of the Bundestag. And he, of course, thinks he done a great deed. Fool.

  2. The left seems hell-bent on leading us into war and I don’t know why. One day their insults and lies are going to have their desired effect and push some right-winger to violence and the left will retaliate and the fight will be on. When the right and the left cannot meet in a bar without a fight breaking out, the war will be on and the left will have their fight. Somebody is going to call somebody a “Nazi” one time too many and they’re just not going to put up with it anymore…

  3. What an arrogant self righteous bastard, and one too stupid to know or too dishonest to state that ALL of the problems of the late 1920s Germany were totally amplified by the leftist lunacy then displayed by government, the arts and the media. Fortunately the depression put paid to that. I wonder what it will take this time to see these leftist swine removed?

  4. How fascinating to watch a country kill itself.
    More police? WHY do you need more police? You might ask yourself that…
    Daycare? Really, daycare?
    This is what makes you feel good about yourself?

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