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11 Replies to “Crown has added two charges to Tommy Robinson’s pending retrial”

  1. This is beyond the pale and totally unacceptable. The death of free speech in Canada is only about 5 years behind the U.K. — Britain is toast, but we must try to defend Canada against Khalid and others in the Govt who seek to destroy freedom of speech in order to propagate this sick islamic cult.

  2. Someone high in the British Government wants Tommy dead, it looks like they are about to once again going to pull out all of the stops to place Tommy in a prison where he is almost certain to be murdered.

    Britain is a full fledged police state that has forbidden freedom of speech, it is now a capital crime to speak the truth about the Islamic invaders and the Quisling Brits that make up the British government. I don’t see anyway this can end well. You have no idea how sad it makes me that Britain the Mother Country to the US, the country that all of the American ideas of freedom grew from has sunk to this low. I wish there was some way that Tommy and his family could be spirited away to some safe location.

  3. It appears that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated all levels of British government! Do they have Buckingham Palace as well, or is the Body Guard of the ‘Honourable Corps of Gentleman at Arms’ standing tall?

    • Queen Lizzie and Phil the Greek, and also Chuck, the jug-eared soon-to-be king, are all too bloody old to care about the future of Britannia. But as is historically typical, their descendants will persist in perceived Royal “neutrality” until, in this case, the Islamic breeding machine makes their future perilous. At that point they will gather up their wealth and bugger off to greener pastures. Just like the Shah Of Iran and many others before. The Brits are distressingly oblivious, they are even afraid to talk about it. Canada is not far behind.

      • Harry is showing signs of having some brains but the rest of the family are so mired in Royal Neutrality that they will be lucky to survive the coming chaos.

  4. In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

    George Orwell seems to have anticipated this rather well.

    Demanding that someone plead “guilty” to a NON-CRIME makes a mockery out of the law. I, too, wish there was some way of getting TR and his family to a safe haven.

  5. And we’re back to the Piss Christ
    Whence no one was arrested
    No snooping by the mice
    Nor offences to be tested.

    Islam is over-represented
    Thousands of childhood rapes
    A jury with this presented
    Means their motive won’t escape.

    Like children being adopted
    ‘Sexuals and single moms
    Increasing those corrupted
    By Mohammad’s Kingdom Come.

    For the State against the Father
    Fake-males against the men
    Peacocks, Dhims and Alter
    Surrendering to Fems.

    Beasts drawn to their goddess
    Three daughters of Allah
    The truth is ne’er confessed
    To advance the kumbaya.

    And now someone’s reporting
    This evil in everyone
    Satan they are supporting
    Will unite until it’s done.

    • Good work, lad.

      And we’re back to the Piss Christ
      Whence no one was arrested

      While Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” cannot merit legal prosecution, it ought to have seen Serrano’s financial patronage dry up like morning dew in Death Valley. Imagine what would happen if someone submerged a Koran in urine (or even fake urine) and published images of it. (H/T: Matthew Bracken)

      The global Muslim population’s howling and riots would last for weeks, if not months. The fury over Denmark’s Motoons would shrink into insignificance.

      The truth is ne’er confessed
      To advance the kumbaya.

      Try telling that to those hordes of ready-to-ululate, stabby Muslims. Islam’s ability to take limitless offense over real (or even just perceived) slights defies accurate estimation.

  6. When TR said the judge is the one prosecuting him I didn’t understand that. Isn’t a judge impartial and there to, you know, judge?
    But I have hope. The additional charges are absurd.
    This is Dinesh D’Souza on steroids.

  7. Yes, they really are that detached, even if they knew, they would not care. Their echo-chamber tells them what truth is and is not. The myth that there is a ‘far-right’ conspiracy about to take over the minds of the people, and overturn their apple-cart – so-called democracy – gives them the terrors. They cannot control people like Tommy, and that really scares them.

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