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    • Tommy Robinson Truth Speaker

      7:42 – One law firm advised Tommy to apologize and meet the government in the middle, and plead guilty and he would get to go home. If the above is true and Tommy would avoid prison time, then I say yes he should do it. Apologize (for telling the truth).

      The truth is no longer welcome in Caesar’s UK.
      And Tommy doesn’t need to go to the cross because it has been done. But Tommy needs to be with his family.

      Remember: Matthew 22: 16-22

      [16] And they sent to him their disciples with the Herodians, saying: Master, we know that thou art a true speaker, and teachest the way of God in truth, neither carest thou for any man: for thou dost not regard the person of men. [17] Tell us therefore what dost thou think, is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not? [18] But Jesus knowing their wickedness, said: Why do you tempt me, ye hypocrites? [19] Shew me the coin of the tribute. And they offered him a penny. [20] And Jesus saith to them: Whose image and inscription is this?
      [21] They say to him: Caesar’s. Then he saith to them: Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God, the things that are God’s.

      Remember this too: “We are not retreating – we are advancing in another direction.” – Douglas MacArthur

      That Other Direction – America

      Under video – Comments: Acts17Apologetics
      Centuries ago, Europeans who wanted freedom came to the New World. We Americans invite Tommy to do the same. He can report on these crimes as much as he wants here, and we will fight to the death for his right to speak.?

      • I have long thought Tommy should come to the US, I knew this was impossible while Obama was in office but with a little luck Donald Trump will be able to get him past the Deep State operatives and ensure that he will have protection and a safe place to report on what is happening in Communist Britain.

        Tommy stay out of jail and find a way to get yourself and your family to the US, it won’t be as safe as it use to be but it will be safer then Britain.

      • Brian of London’s periscope – Tommy Robinson and Ari Fuld.
        Islam kills. Cowardice enables murderers. Britain –

        Brian talks soul, survival.
        And guns. Why and how.

        I don’t have a lot of patience with speculative thoughts about gathering armies, nuking fantasies. I’ve seen too much-
        Watch Brian’s periscope.

        It’s no game. We’re at war. With whatever, whenever.
        We’re surviving one at a time. Or not.

        Us first. Then everybody else.
        So pay attention. Even if you hate birds, watch the canaries.

          • It will always be war if Islam takes root. War punctuated by hudnas. To retain a semblance of freedom, you must always be at war.

            Not a war that can be won.

            Too many Moslems are already in parts of Europe. 1st-, 2nd-, 3rd- generation. Converts. Sympathizers, facilitators. Young Europeans, reproducing Europeans.

            There’s no “liberating” those countries. No mass armies, not even NR’s “nukes”. Different paradigm.

            We can help pockets of Western civilization defend themselves, scoop up our own “Yazidis”.

            If we have the will to do so. Maybe it’ll look like cosmopolitan Lebanon. Till it becomes Hezbollah’s Lebanon.

    • Tommy MUST try to get political asylum in he USA immediately! If the bastards get their hands on him again, they will kill him. We need Tommy- not another Braveheart.

      • We can’t lose more lions of the earth. They are few and they are precious.

        Without the lions’ roar, our world will be a more silent and quiescent place.

  1. Does Trump have the authority to declassify FISA related documents?

    DiGenova & Toensing’s Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova say President Trump is aware of what he is ordering to be revealed in the FISA documents related to the Russia probe.

  2. FBI, DOJ, ignoring Trump FISA order: Report

    DiGenova & Toensing’s Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova discuss the FBI and Department of Justice’s defiant action to reportedly ignore President Trump’s order for the declassification of FISA documents.

    • Germany is in cahoots with IRAN. Protests are on behalf of Iran.

      Saudi is paying $$$ to arms merchants everywhere to kill Iranian proxies. (And also to equip al-Q and its analogues. Our charming “allies” have tentacles that can and do reach us.)

  3. Norwegian Report Identifies Somalis as ‘Super Happy’ Immigrant Group (sputniknews, Sep 21, 2018)

    “Despite constantly being labeled as a “problem group” associated with poverty, social exclusion, high unemployment and an unwillingness to integrate, Somalis appeared the most satisfied group of immigrants to Norway.

    Somalis ranked first among immigrants in terms of satisfaction with their quality of life, followed by Sri Lankans and Pakistanis, a new study by Statistics Norway (SSB) has shown.

    The assessment “Quality of Life Among Immigrants” was carried on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 was “most dissatisfied” and 10 as “most pleased.” Despite widespread economic problems, Somalis handily ranked first with 8.8 points, well above the average of 7.9.

    Somalis also generated the lowest proportion of unhappy respondents at 7 percent. By contrast, 66 percent of Somalis placed themselves in the “very pleased” category, which Statistics Norway described as the equivalent of “super happy.”

    Sri Lankans, Pakistanis and Bosnians appeared to be trailing Somalis, while immigrants from Iran, Iraq, Poland and Turkey were found at the other end of the scale, among the least satisfied. In general, 14 percent of immigrants landed into the “dissatisfied” category, compared with 8 per cent of the population as a whole.

    “It’s remarkable that Somalians are so satisfied, given both their economic problems and other challenges,” Statistics Norway researcher Anders Barstad said, noting that more than 40 percent of them reported difficulties making ends meet every month.

    The Norwegian Human Rights Service attributed Somalis’ satisfaction despite being “bottom feeders” in most categories to abject poverty and poor living standards at home and their sense of religion.

    A remarkable feature of the survey is that immigrants, as opposed to the general population, showed no positive correlation between happiness and a higher level of education.

    “On the contrary, those with the lowest education turned out to be the most satisfied,” Barstad pointed out.

    As of 2017, Norway’s immigrant population exceeded 880,000 and accounted for nearly 17 percent of the country’s total population.

    The 40,000 strong Somali community is Norway’s third-largest immigrant group and the largest non-Western one. It is also one of the fastest-growing, owing to Somali women’s total fertility rate being the highest in Norway, at 4.4 children per female (as opposed to 1.73 for Norwegian women).

    The Somalis are often referred to as some of the worst examples of integration, demonstrating some of Norway’s highest unemployment rates, lowest education levels and lowest incomes, which admittedly fueled their crime rates, which in the 2010-2013 period was recorded at 124 per 1,000 residents, three times the average of 44.9 among native Norwegians. Furthermore, over half of Somali men living in Oslo area were also linked to the banned narcotic substance khat.

    In 2013, Statistics Norway calculated lifetime costs associated with a single Somali immigrant at NOK 9 million ($980,000), which is much higher that than of a Pakistani (NOK 5.1 million, $550,000), Indian (NOK 1.6 million, $170,000) or Tamil (NOK 1 million, $110,000). By contrast, well-educated Westerners like Swedes yielded a net benefit for the Norwegian economy.”

  4. Marine Le Pen fumes after being sent for psychiatric evaluation after ISIS tweets (express, Sep 21, 2018)

    “FRENCH eurosceptic leader Marine Le Pen offered a furious response after being ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation after tweeting images of atrocities committed by ISIS.

    The National Rally leader, who lost out to Emmanuel Macron in last year’s French presidential vote, branded the decision “crazy” as she posted copies of the court order on her Twitter page.

    The 50-year-old politician sparked national condemnation in France after posting graphic images in December 2015, weeks after ISIS terrorists killed 130 in attacks on Paris.

    Ms Le Pen was stripped of her parliamentary immunity over the pictures and was charged with circulating violent messages that can be viewed by minors.

    She shared ISIS images in response to a French journalist who compared the jihadist terrorists to her political party.

    One of the images showed the body of American journalist James Foley, who was beheaded by members of the vile terror network.

    She proceeded to post a copy of a letter sent to her, dated September 11, calling for tests to be carried out “as soon as possible” to establish whether she is “capable of understanding remarks and answering questions”.

    Her post suggested the order was a government plot to discredit her. It reads: “I thought I had been through it all: well, no!

    “For having condemned Daesh horrors in tweets, the ‘justice system’ is putting me through psychiatric tests! Just how far will they go?”

    She told reporters on the outskirts of the National Assembly she felt “persecuted” and was planning to defy the order.

    “Of course I won’t go and submit myself to this psychiatric evaluation,” Ms Le Pen declared.

    Under French law no mechanism exists to force a person to comply with the order Ms Le Pen was issued.

    The prosecutor’s office in the Paris suburb of Nanterre said such tests were routine in cases involving the distribution of violent messages.

    If Ms Le Pen is found guilty, she faces up to three years in prison and a fine of €75,000…”

  5. Future of Political Discourse at Stake: Farage Calls for Social Media ‘Bill of Rights’ to End Bias (breitbart Sep 21, 2018)

    “Nigel Farage has called for a Bill of Rights for social media users after tech giants were exposed for their bias against conservatives.

    Mr Farage told the audience in attendance at The New Culture Forum, which was also watched live by some-60,000 on Facebook, on Thursday night in London that the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President, Brexit in the UK, and the rise of the populist Italian government “could not have happened without the use of social media”.

    However, it was after the election of President Trump in November 2016 that the owners of the social media platforms that had facilitated the “global revolt” had become a “threat” to the “democratic process”, by practices such as the shadowbanning and censoring of conservatives. A tape leaked to Breitbart News Network last week revealed leftist political bias in the highest echelons of power at tech giant Google and sent shockwaves through the media and tech establishment.

    “The reaction that we’ve had from those that own these social media sites pose a threat, in my view, to free speech — indeed the entire democrat process. We have got to stop the bias,” the former UKIP leader said.

    “It was the events of the 8th November 2016 when Trump won when the owners of those social media sites began to change their thinking and indeed their practices,” he added, singling out Google, which he termed the “gateway” to information, given it has over 80 percent of internet searches.

    “The day after Trump got elected, the biggest internet search engine, the most powerful, important tech company in the world… effectively declared war on the whole populist revolt that was happening across the West,” the MEP said.

    Discussing the monopoly of tech firms run by Silicon Valley liberal elites, Mr Farage said: We have fewer than a handful of companies that now control the entire future of our democratic debate across the entire Western world and I think that now has very worrying implications.”

    “I do think the issues at stake here are so fundamental and so important we cannot allow the whole future of political discourse… to be held in the hands of two or three people who through their own mouths have shown themselves not to be politically neutral,” he said…”

  6. Richard” Delay, Delay, Delay and then delay again. The tactics says what the goal is and that is to delay until the November election and pray that the Dems win so they can ensure that another conservative doesn’t get seated. the problem is that the voters are getting wise to this and understand that the Dems don’t care about the will of the people. This is a fight (get many more conservative Judges on the bench) that we must win if we want to remain free.

    Ford lawyers say she is open to testifying, but not Monday

    (CNN) — Christine Blasey Ford opened the possibility she would testify before Congress about her accusation of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

    An email her lawyers sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee said Ford “would be prepared to testify next week” if the senators offer her “terms that are fair and which ensure her safety.”

    The message came a day ahead of a 10 a.m. Friday deadline set by Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley for Ford to decide whether she would appear before a hearing he set for Monday.

    Testifying Monday, however, “is not possible and the Committee’s insistence that it occur then is arbitrary in any event,” Ford’s lawyers wrote.

  7. “Angelos Sofocleous, assistant editor at Durham University’s philosophy journal ‘Critique’, was sacked from his post after just three days for writing a tweet deemed ‘transphobic’ by fellow students.

    Mr Sofocleous, 24, from Cyprus, faced disciplinary action last month after he re-tweeted an article by The Spectator on his Twitter titled ‘Is it a crime to say women don’t have penises?’, with the comment: ‘RT if women don’t have penises’.

    The postgraduate philosophy and psychology student was dismissed from his position at the university after the tweet sparked outrage.

    He was also fired from his position as editor of Durham University’s online magazine The Bubble, and forced to resign as president of free speech society Humanist Students.”

    I had not realized the term f**kwits had come back into vogue to describe university alumni.

  8. Feinstein’s office receiving ‘threats of bodily and sexual harm against staff’


    Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office has received threats of bodily and sexual harm against staff — some naming specific employees — following Feinstein’s involvement in allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

    Feinstein is the second woman senator whose office is reporting such threats. The White House said Thursday Kavanaugh and his wife have also received threats.

    The office of Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, has also been also receiving ugly calls and emails. Those against Kavanaugh’s nomination have pressured Sens. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and Collins, female Senate Republicans who support abortion rights, to vote against his confirmation.

    “My office has received some pretty ugly voicemails, threats, terrible things said to my staff,” Collins said in an interview with WVOM in Maine on Wednesday.

    Read more here:

    Richard If they are it is probably from leftists trying to make the conservatives look bad.

  9. Heartless? ABC Ignores Death Threats Against Kavanaugh’s Family

    Sadly, since coming forward with accusations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and her family have received numerous death threats. Also during that time, Kavanaugh and his family have also received horrific treatment. Despite the seriousness all around, ABC’s World News Tonight sided with Ford on Thursday by choosing to only report the threats to her and threw those against Kavanaugh in the trash.

    “Dr. Christine Blasey Ford longer holding out for an FBI investigation into her claims before she testifies, saying she will answer questions, but asking for certain conditions, including her safety,” announced anchor David Muir at the top of the program.

    As congressional correspondent Mary Bruce began her very pro-Ford report, she noted the threats made against the accuser:

    • Report: Wife Of Brett Kavanaugh Receives Violent Email Threats

      Disturbing new revelations surface relating to the unfounded allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, as his wife reportedly receives violent threats.

      Ashley Kavanaugh has been sent emails with vulgar and threatening language including someone saying her husband and her kids to burn in hell, according to reports.

      Another email instructed Ashley to tell her husband to put a bullet in his skull.

      Some of the messages are apparently so malicious that the U.S. Marshals are now investigating the issue.

  10. Over 200,000 Undocumented Migrants in Germany Were ‘Born’ on January 1st (breitbart, Sep 21, 2018)

    “More than 200,000 asylum seekers in Germany who have come to the country since 2014 share the birthday of January 1st because they arrived without any form of identification.

    As of July 31st, a total of 207,347 asylum seekers in Germany share the same birthday of January 1st, according to the German Federal Ministry of the Interior after a question was posed to them by anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany MP Anton Friesen, Berliner Zeitung reports.

    Of the total number, 125,408 asylum seekers had come to Germany during the height of the migrant crisis in 2015.

    “The date January 1 is recorded when asylum seekers cannot produce a passport and other identity papers and know only their year of birth, but not the exact day or month,” the Interior Ministry said. In the first seven months of 2018, 6,367 asylum seekers were given a January 1st birth date.

    The data reveals the extent of the number of migrants who have entered Germany without identification and, as a result, are much harder to deport to their home countries if their asylum claim is rejected…”

  11. Judiciary Committee eyes independent lawyer to conduct Kavanaugh questioning

    The Judiciary Committee is exploring having an independent lawyer question Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey Ford, should she agree to testify on Capitol Hill next week.

    Having an outside lawyer do the questioning would avoid the spectacle of senators engaging in a testy back-and-forth with Ms. Blasey Ford, who has accused Judge Kavanaugh of an attempted sexual assault more than three decades ago. He has vehemently denied the allegation, and so far no corroborating witness has publicly come forward to back up Ms. Blasey Ford’s account.

    Two sources familiar with the negotiations confirmed the committee is considering using a non-partisan lawyer for the questions.

    But it’s not clear whether such a hearing will even happen.

    Committee Republicans, after resisting, agreed this week to cancel a vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination and instead schedule a hearing for Monday to give him and Ms. Blasey Ford an opportunity to be heard.

  12. Pakistan urges China to ease pressure on Muslims minority (abcnews, Sep 21, 2018)

    “Pakistan is urging China to ease pressures on the country’s Muslim minority amid warnings by rights groups that the Uighurs in China face restrictions on religious activities and mass detentions in so-called “re-education camps.”

    The appeal comes as Pakistan has had traditionally good ties with its large neighbor.

    Pakistan’s minister for religious affairs, Noorul Haq Qadri, met Chinese envoy Yao Xing this week to discuss the situation of the Uighurs in China’s western Xingjian province.

    Human Right Watch says forcible detentions of “thousands of Uighurs and other Turkic Muslim minorities” in Xingjian started in 2017.

    Qadri says such pressures could foment reactionary extremist viewpoints and urged Beijing to take concrete steps on the issue.

    Analysts say Pakistan’s move is significant amid growing pressure on China over human rights violations.”

  13. 5 years after mall Kenya attack, al-Shabab’s threat grows (abcnews, Sep 21, 2018)

    “Five years after al-Shabab fighters burst into a luxury shopping mall in Kenya’s capital, hurling grenades and starting a days-long siege that left 67 people dead, analysts say the Somalia-based extremist group has been pushed down Africa’s east coast as far as Mozambique as its regional threat expands…”

  14. Germany arrests woman accused of Islamic State membership (abcnews, Sep 21, 2018)

    “German police have arrested a 20-year-old woman on suspicion of serving in the Islamic State group.

    Federal prosecutors said Friday the German-Algerian woman, identified as Sarah O. for privacy reasons, is accused of membership in a foreign terrorist organization.

    Prosecutors say she traveled to Syria as a teenager in October 2013, where she received firearms training and married an IS fighter from Germany in 2014.

    German authorities say she and her husband conducted “guard and police duties” in IS-controlled areas. She is also alleged to have tried to recruit others in Europe to join IS and, together with her husband, received about $118 a month from the group.

    Prosecutors’ spokeswoman Frauke Koehler said the woman’s children were taken into care upon their arrival at Duesseldorf airport from Turkey on Friday.”

  15. Turkey arrests Austrian national for alleged terror links (abcnews, Sep 21, 2018)

    “Turkey’s official news agency says an Austrian national has been arrested for alleged terror links.

    Anadolu Agency reported Friday that writer Max Zirngast — referring to him as only Max Z. — was arrested along with two others for “membership in an armed terror organization” and jailed pending trial.

    They are accused of links to the Turkish Communist Party/Kivilcim, which is considered a terror group. One suspect was released but is required to regularly check in with police.

    Zirngast was detained last week, prompting Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to demand his release and an explanation from Turkey.

    Zirngast, who is also a student of political science, has contributed to left-wing publications.

    Ties between Turkey and the European Union have been strained over arrests of foreign nationals, including journalists.”

  16. China tightens embrace of Hong Kong with bullet train, other mega projects
    James Pomfret

    HONG KONG (Reuters) – Hong Kong’s first bullet train glides out of a sleek harborfront railway station bound for mainland China on Saturday, launching a new era of integration and raising fears for some for the territory’s cherished freedoms.

  17. Anti-India rebels abduct and kill 3 policemen in Kashmir (abcnews, Sep 21, 2018)

    “Anti-India rebels in disputed Kashmir raided over a dozen homes of police officers and abducted three whose bullet-riddled bodies were recovered Friday, officials said.

    The killings came days after the region’s largest rebel group asked officers to quit the Kashmiri police force and stay away from counterinsurgency operations. Militants in Kashmir have increasingly targeted police working with India’s forces, accusing them of being collaborators.

    Early Friday, nearly two dozen rebels stormed the homes in two southern Kashmir villages, took away three off-duty officers and a fourth person who had resigned from the police days earlier. The three were shot dead and the former officer was released unharmed, police said.

    S.P. Pani, the region’s police chief, called the killings “barbaric.” He said they show “desperation on part of militants, not a chink in our system.”

    “We’ll deal with it. They (the assailants) shall be brought to justice,” he said.

    Last month, militants abducted 11 police and their family members in southern Kashmir after government forces detained several relatives of the militants and set ablaze at least two of their homes. Video of the abducted was released to social media reportedly by militants, asking police not to harass their families…”

  18. Now, Jack Ma wants Alibaba robots to serve in China’s hotels

    HANGZHOU (CHINA): China’s e-tail giant Alibaba on Thursday unveiled a robot that will serve guests in the country’s hotels soon.

    “The robotics industry is revolutionising the world and Alibaba Artificial Intelligence (AI) Labs is raising the stakes in this industry with the launch of service robots for hospitality sector starting October,” the company said at its annual Cloud Computing Conference 2018 being held here.

    The robot was unveiled by Alibaba AI Labs, the AI product de ..

    Read more at:

  19. An older story, from 2016, but still worth it imho. An expose about collaboration between mafia (Italian in this case) and traffickers (Egyptian):

    How the Mafia Make Millions Out of the Plight of Migrants

    “The Sicilian mafia are making millions from taking advantage of migrants and refugees, organizing their journeys from North Africa to Europe, embezzling funds provided for their welfare in camps in Sicily and then using some of them as prostitutes and drug dealers, police and prosecutors have revealed to TIME.
    According to the police, Badawi charged between $3,000 to $6,000 per person for the journey from North Africa to Sicily. A single shipload of 200 migrants could generate at least $600,000.
    According to the police, in May 2011, an Egyptian suspect, Fathy Abdelkader, 51, kidnapped six child migrants from a camp near Siracusa, southeast Sicily. “The kidnappings were a message for the families of migrants who had failed to pay for services rendered by the Cosa Nostra,” said Parini. “We monitored phone calls made by Fathy to the families of kidnapped migrants who were made to listen to their children’s screams.”


    PRAGUE (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 21st September, 2018) Around 200 people, including Czech lawmakers, rallied Thursday outside Hungary’s embassy in Prague in support of Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his domestic policies.

    The Hungarian right-wing government was slammed last week by the European Parliament for flouting democratic values after it passed reforms seen as undermining judiciary and media freedoms.

    “You cannot punish a lawfully-elected government for delivering on its campaign pledges,” Tomio Okamura, deputy speaker in the lower house of the Czech parliament, said in a televised comment.

    Jaroslav Foldyna, deputy head of the Social Democratic Party, called on the Czech government and other members of the regional Visegrad group to stand by Hungary.

  21. Quote of the Day: I believe Dr. Blasey Ford because she’s telling the truth

    So far, all we know about Christine Blasey Ford is that she claims Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh forced himself on her when they were in high school.

    We know some of the details of the alleged assault, which were published in the Washington Post last weekend — for example, that Kavanaugh was supposedly “stumbling drunk” — but we also know that Ford is hazy on much of what went down. She can’t recall the year the incident happened, how she got to the house party, how many boys were involved, or how she got home.

    We also know that she sent a letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein in late July that has been published in heavily redacted form. (The redactions are so all-encompassing that even the name of the sender is blurred out.) A request by to see the unredacted letter by Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has yet to be complied with.

    That’s not a whole lot to go on, especially since Ford has not yet appeared in public and Brett Kavanaugh has vehemently denied the allegations. But it’s apparently enough for Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who said yesterday at a press conference on Capitol Hill:

  22. Two employees of Berlin’s Vivantes Urban Hospital ring the alarm bell over violent patients. In a letter on behalf of all personnel they write about the daily aggression they face, newspaper Die Welt reports.

    The Vivantes Urban Hospital is located in Berlin Kreuzberg which has a large Turkish migrant population.

    Employees of the hospital, in an alarming letter, describe what they experience every day: Knife attacks, threatening behaviour and punches.

    Among other things, there’s a lot of verbal aggression as well. Personnel are being called Nazi’s or are threatened with their lives: “I’ll kill you”, “I’ll finish you” or “you are on my agenda”, is being said.

    The incidents leave feelings of insecurity among the hospital’s personnel and some even fear for their lives.

    One of the letter’s authors was stabbed with a knife by one of the patients, because he had to wait too long. “I have retained physical and mental damage,” the man writes.

  23. Muslim children victims of UK’s counter-terror policy (aa, Sep 21, 2018)

    “Muslim children are being falsely accused of radicalization by the British government as part of its counter-terrorism strategy Prevent, a report said Thursday.

    The report released by the human rights advocacy group Cage details how Prevent has erroneously targeted Muslim communities throughout the U.K. on the pretext of tackling radicalization and extremism and has even separated Muslim children from their families.

    “CAGE is offering documentation that the removal of children, and the attempted removal of children, is taking place in the family courts of the United Kingdom.

    “It is being done using an unreliable and highly subjective method of measuring extremism and radicalization, themselves subjective terms that have not been adequately defined,” it said.

    Cage has been in contact with the families affected and has represented them on many occasions, concluding that in many cases, the judicial system employs a “flawed and inaccurate method” to separate Muslim children from their families and that these methods are often politicised and based “on the notions of ideology”.

    The advocacy group quoted current statistics from Mark Rowley, head of the counter-terrorism policing unit, who has said that around 100 children have been separated from their families and has called for a response from British society to confront the dangers of extremism even though, according to Cage, there is no agreed upon definition of extremism.

    Victim accounts

    Cage also included personal testimonies from four family members affected by Prevent…”

  24. Muhammad Names are Top For Baby Boys in England and Wales Sixth Year Running (breitbart, Sep 21, 2018)

    “Muhammad was the most popular name for baby boys in English regions London, the West Midlands, and Yorkshire and the Humber in 2017, government statistics show, with spelling variations in the name taking it to first place across England and Wales.

    Officially Oliver remains the most popular name for newborn boys across the country, with 6,259 born last year. However, it is pushed into second place by Muhammad when slight spelling variations including Mohammed and Mohammad are included, which achieve 6,510 newborns between them.

    The one-letter differences in spelling of the name between the three top-100 variants stem from the transliteration of ??????? from Arabic into the Latin alphabet, which can be imprecise.

    Even alone, Muhammad was the 10th most popular name in England and Wales last year, having slipped two places since 2016 but rising 28 places since 2007.

    Taking the three English translations of the same Arabic name as one has left Muhammad the most popular boy’s name in England and Wales every year since 2011, as previously reported by Breitbart London.

    The official top name Oliver also has a contraction, Ollie, listed at number 86. Counted together, Oliver and nickname Ollie account for 7,047 boys in 2017.

    Olivia, the feminised variant of Oliver was the most popular girl’s name in 2017, followed by Amela, Isla, and Ava, all of which have risen steeply in popularity.

    The statistics, released by the Office of National Statistics annually in September, also broke down top names by region.

    While Muhammed didn’t feature at all in the top ten places in much of the country, it was outright the most popular even without spelling variations in the North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, the West Midlands, and London. It came second-place outright in the North West.

    Spelling variation Mohammed was also in the top ten in Yorkshire and the West Midlands.

    The United Kingdom is not the only European nation where the name Mohammed has seen a sudden and massive rise in popularity over the past decade. Breitbart London reported in January on German newborn names, where Mohammed has gone from 97th to 26th most popular in less than a decade. Like in Britain, this figure does not take into account variant spellings.

    In Austria, Muhammed was the third most popular boy’s name in 2017, behind Alexander and Maximilian.”

  25. CBC – Migrants see a path the Europe through Melilla, Spain

    The CBC’s Nahlah Ayed travels to the Morocco-Spain border, a flashpoint for migrants looking for a safe bridge into Europe. However, to get there, they first have to smuggle themselves across a heavily barricaded border. Nahlah joins a Spanish patrol which is monitoring the new route migrants are increasingly choosing since the new Italian government closed access to its ports — a route that has seen a number of violent confrontations in recent weeks.

  26. Al-Azhar University Professor: Goal of Islam Is Not Justice But to Establish Servitude to Allah

    Al-Azhar University Professor Muhammad Anwar Al-Bayoumi said that the goal in establishing an Islamic state was “to establish servitude to Allah throughout the land,” rather than the implementation of justice and equality, as the Al-Rafidein TV interviewer had suggested.

    Al-Bayoumi further said that “contemporary, modern humanity has not produced a single sound value that did not already exist in the Quran and the Sunna” and that “all they did was to steal our stuff and then dress it in their own garb.”

    According to Al-Bayoumi, the only freedom modern humanity has given people is “the freedom to be atheists and to act on their urges.” The interview aired on August 26, 2018.

  27. A self-styled “Snapchat queen” who posted a video of her boyfriend dying in a pool of blood has been jailed for 14 years.

    Fatima Khan, 21, who set up the fatal knife attack on her on-off boyfriend Khalid Safi and filmed a video on her phone as the 18-year-old lay dying on the pavement, was sentenced at the Old Bailey on Friday.

    She then posted the footage on Snapchat with the caption “this is what happens when you f*** with me” and sent it to her friends.

    Khan was convicted of manslaughter for orchestrating the attack on Mr Safi outside a Costa Coffee shop in Acton on December 1, 2016.

  28. French court orders Le Pen to submit to psychiatric evaluation
    3 MIN READ

    PARIS (Reuters) – A French court ordered Marine Le Pen to submit to a psychiatric evaluation as part of its investigation into her decision to post images of Islamic State executions on Twitter, the far right leader said on Thursday and denounced the order.

  29. I underestimated the Swamp: Alumni of Hillary email cover-up all over anti-Kavanaugh campaign
    By J.E. Dyer September 21, 2018

    Well, famous last words. In my latest post on 19 September, I opined that it was “probably irrelevant” to the accusation against Brett Kavanaugh that Debra Katz, the lawyer of Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford, had attended a 2015 Hillary Clinton fundraising event coordinated by Hillary staffer Amanda Renteria.

    I was wrong. Not only is it relevant; it’s relevant through exactly the Renteria-involved episode I made reference to in the post. The episode was alleged contact between Renteria – at the time Hillary’s national political director – and Loretta Lynch in 2016. The topic of the alleged contact was a supposed assurance given by Lynch to the Hillary campaign, through Renteria, that Lynch wouldn’t let the probe of Hillary’s emails “go too far.”

    The minor part I was right about is that Debra Katz doesn’t seem to be especially connected, in the terms of the drama itself, to anyone in the hydra-headed Hillary drama. (There, too, I may turn out to be misunderestimating the cast of players, but that’s what it looks like right now.)

  30. Nellie Ohr is refusing to appear for congressional deposition
    By Daily Caller News Foundation September 20, 2018

    Nellie Ohr, the wife of Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, is refusing to appear before Congress for a closed-door hearing that was scheduled to take place this Friday, sources tell The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    Ohr, who worked for Fusion GPS, the firm behind the Steele dossier, was scheduled to appear for interviews during a joint session with the House Judiciary and House Oversight & Government Reform committees. But two congressional sources said that she is not cooperating with the requests and will have to be subpoenaed to compel her appearance.

    The sources also said that former FBI general counsel James Baker is not cooperating with the committees’ request for an interview.

    “The Committee continues to seek the testimony of Nellie Ohr and Jim Baker and will compel their testimony if necessary,” an aide to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte told TheDCNF.

  31. Killing Free Speech
    by Judith Bergman
    September 21, 2018 at 5:00 am

    The OIC’s media strategy encourages “accurate and factual portrayal of Islam. Emphasis should be directed at avoidance of any link or association of Islam with terrorism or the use of Islamophobic rhetoric… such as labeling criminal terrorists as ‘Islamic’ fascists, ‘Islamic’ extremists.”

    That part of the strategy has already had much success across the Western world, where authorities and media do not want to label Muslim terrorists as Islamic, but routinely describe them as “mentally ill.”

    The OICs highly ambitious plans to do away with freedom of speech go severely underreported in the West. Mainstream journalists do not appear to find it dangerous that their freedom of speech should be supervised by the OIC, while Western governments, far from offering any resistance, appear, perhaps for votes, to be cozily going along with everything.

  32. Criminal Duo Kill Cop in Nigeria, Rip Out His Eyes to Make Magic Item (sputniknews, Sep 21, 2018)

    “The murderers’ victim was reportedly still alive while his eyes were being ripped out of his eye sockets.

    Two Nigerian men, 35-year-old Abubakar Sani and 28-year-old Abubakar Muhammed, were arrested by the authorities after they murdered a police sergeant named Umana Ishaya and plucked out his eyes in order to make themselves a magical charm, local newspaper The Punch reports.

    “The suspects have confessed to the crime, each stating the roles he played. They will be arraigned immediately [once] investigation is completed,” police commissioner Muhammadu Wakili said.

    The culprits reportedly carried out the deed so that Ussaini Musa, an 80-year-old herbalist who was also arrested by the police, would make them an “invisible jacket,” which was supposed to allow the duo to enter and rob houses unseen.

    According to the newspaper, the herbalist told the duo that their victim must be alive during the eye extraction process.”

  33. Iranian couple accused of making 18-year-old daughter take a ‘virginity test’ and threatening to kill her ‘secret’ boyfriend are CLEARED in just an hour (dailymail, Sep 21, 2018)

    “An Iranian couple accused of demanding their daughter take a virginity test after they found out she had a boyfriend were cleared of all charges against them today.

    Mitra Eidiani, 42, wept as she and Ali Safaraei, 56, from Clapham, south-west London, were found not guilty of two counts of controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship.

    The couple were also cleared of one count of making a threat to kill.

    Eidiani was also cleared of one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm over allegations she bit her daughter when the relationship was found out.

    The jury of four men and eight women took just one hour to deliver the verdicts.

    They were told the pair’s daughter, Sophia Safaraei, 18, was taken to a GP for a virginity test because it was ‘important’ to her parents as Muslims.

    It was also claimed the couple took possessions including her mobile phone, passport and bank card when the affair was found out.

    They were alleged to have threatened to kill Sophia’s boyfriend, Bailey Marshall-Telfer, during a confrontation at his workplace.

    Eidiani wept with relief and shouted ‘Oh my God’ as the verdicts were delivered.

    Eidiani, who smashed Mr Marshall-Telfer’s headphones when she found him at the family’s flat in Clapham, south west London, pleaded guilty to criminal damage at an earlier hearing.

    She was handed a six-month conditional discharge and told to pay £20 compensation for that offence.”

  34. ‘Snapchat queen’ who got teenage love rival to stab boyfriend to death then shared film of him dying with the comment ‘that’s what happens when you f*** with me’ is jailed for 14 years (dailymail, Sep 21, 2018)

    “A self-styled ‘Snapchat Queen’ who had her boyfriend killed then posted a video of him bleeding to death was jailed for 14 years today.

    Fatima Khan, 21, captioned the clip of 18-year-old Khalid Safi as he lay dying with the warning: ‘That’s what happens when you f*** with me.’…”

  35. Anti-Immigrant Party Scores Record-Breaking Popularity in Germany – Poll (sputniknews, Sep 21, 2018)

    “After weeks of controversy over migration policy and anti-migrant protests, the right-leaning Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has pushed back the German Social Democrats as the second strongest political force. They have shared leading positions with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union for years. The CDU is also losing points.

    Germany’s two ruling parties, the Christian Democratic Union with its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union and Social Democrats (SPD), would get 45 percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections, if taken held Sunday, as a recent poll by the broadcaster ARD revealed.

    If people were to vote now, the Alternative for Germany party, which has advocated for stricter control over migration and got seats in the Bundestag for the first time in the 2017 elections with 12.6 percent, would become the second strongest force in the Bundestag and score a record-breaking 18 percent. This is one point more than the SPD, which only a decade ago was behind the steering wheel of the German government…”

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