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10 Replies to “From Sept. 7: German Mayor pleads for Help. Tales of the Welcoming Culture Becoming A Nightmare”

  1. I don’t know how well armed German citizens are, but they should be seriously thinking of how they will rid their country of invaders.

    • The German gun control laws aren’t as bad as Britains but they aren’t far from being as harsh. For all practical purposes the people are unarmed.

    • Copyright. It could be true, its increasingly hard to tell with leftists, what is an excuse or tactic from what is fair application of a meaningful rule or law applied across the board. Actually Im not sure that ever happens anymore.

  2. A good communist will gladly walk to his death with his eyes closed and his hands over his ears. No citizen needs to be able to defend themselves with guns or any other device they said before they marched to their death by the millions !!

    • A “good communist”.

      A good communist is a judas goat. Leads his followers to the slaughter when given the signal.
      A better communist leads merely good ones to slaughter when given the signal.
      And so on…

  3. Interesting isn’t it, how one’s own gov’t can pull such a fast one on a little town, then wipe it’s hand of the whole affair, little town be damned.

    If that little town could hire the necessary muscle to rid them of their problem, the gov’t would surely act to provide protection … for the invaders they sent. That’s where all formerly free citizens currently find themselves; betrayed by their own gov’t.

  4. It is amazing, isn’t it, to watch the immigrants step on German soil and instantly become German in culture, act and deed, language and all manner German. It is wonderful to watch, here in America and around the world. Oh, wait, the immigrants are only invading white nations. Oops, my mistake. Get ready to fight, Europe and America, because it is coming.

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