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3 Replies to “Speech by Inge Steinmetz at the demo in Gelsenkirchen”

  1. Germany: Several knife stabs wounded “Hooligans against Salafists” founder – police say it was suicide —
    How can you commit suicide with several knife wounds? The police must give us an answer – but they say that this was the situation in a spectacular death. The founder of “Hooligans against Salafists” (HoGeSa), Marcel K., was found lying in a pool of blood on the street in Mönchengladbach on Wednesday. His body showed numerous knife wounds. The autopsy had revealed: It was suicide.The results of the investigation into the cause of death evoke memories of the death of a young man in Köthen on September the 8th. Although the German was beaten up by asylum seekers, he had died of a heart attack, according to the public prosecutor’s office. The injuries inflicted on him had nothing to do with his death. At that time, the results of the autopsy were available before a funeral march was to start. Also this time, several groups of right-wing football supporters called for a funeral march today, 6 pm. They assumed a murder.

  2. Sounds similar to Clinton victims getting “suicided” by killing themselves with a nail gun in the back of the head. Or throwing themselves off buildings, landing on a lower roof, walking to the edge of the lower roof then jumping to the street. Amazing, really.

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