High school in Germany for Germans

Double dose of cultural enrichment at the vocational school in Hameln

Disturbing images that make you speechless: In front of the Eugen Reintjes School in Hameln, a 17-year-old student brutally beat a classmate of the same age. The scene is filmed by several bystanders MIGRANTS. The video is now circulating on the internet. There were already consequences for the culprit. The police and the school now hope to be able to identify those who filmed instead of helping to hold them accountable.

YT pulled it. You can see it here.

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  1. Imad Karim´s reaction to the Video from Hameln: OUT!, OUT!, OUT!!!!!!!!!

    (Imad Karim (born June 7, 1958 in Beirut, Arabic ???? ????) is a Lebanese-German director, screenwriter and television journalist. He has been based in south-west Germany since the end of 1977 and runs an advertising agency in Mannheim.) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imad_Karim

    He writes after watch this video:
    We are losing this land that gave us everything. We betray this land that was always on our side.

    We abandon our children, we talk about their humiliation beautifully and forget that we educate them to fearful people because we are just cowardly and “civilized”. But what good is a civilized human being if he encounters the other, the uncivilized and violent medieval man?

    I heard in the video the words spoken while beating the boy, it was Arab children full of hatred and contempt, they said “???, ???? ??? well, that hit him hard, now you (triumphantly) gave him enough” and I heard Afghans who laughed loud and made fun of the beaten up teenager.

    These little ungrateful Islamic poisoned S ******s do not belong to us or their sick parents.

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