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2 Replies to “African expat in Italy suggests the borders be slammed shut, and NOW”

  1. I know I’m definitely biased but I can’t help being convinced that there is a universal right and wrong going on here. When the man says in order to stop a war between the poor Italians and the African immigrants they should close the borders immediately and tell the Africans to go back to their own countries and make them into the dream that is never going to happen for them in the West.

    I think that is the right way to think. I know it is. The numbers and the realities simply don’t add up for the Third World to solve its problems by moving en masse to the West and going on welfare. The sun shines in Somalia. Plants grow in Somalia. Air conditioning works in Somalia. All that’s left is for the people there to exert their collective will and make the situation better. That’s what needs to happen. Moving here is not the answer…

    I think our left wing is so bummed out by the fact that some people have it better than they do that they have become suicidal and want to take the whole world with them. I’m talking bat-shit crazy. The sin of envy has leaped down their throats and is burrowing its way into their hearts…

    • Good post! I have no sympathy for the MSM driven Africans to have their mobile phone, Ferrari and blonde spouse by moving to the west. If you look at the ads on African TV they are heavily biased WRT western standards and every hut living tribesman thinks that all that he has to do is move there. Africa’s own rich elite ARE the problem as much a the globalists as both foster 8 child per family aims with the impossible to keep excess flooded into the west. All western aid does is amplify the problem. When the massive famines come to the world( and they will..it is only when that is in doubt) the bailout to the west will be far worse than what we see now as Africa is breeding the world out like the muslim countries are doing and death camps will litter the southern shores of the Mediterranean as the coastal nations stop all illegals to guarantee food aid from the west. It WILL come to that.

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