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7 Replies to “Turk delegate to OSCE claims islam bringer of Renaissance”

  1. Turk delegate to OSCE claims islam bringer of renascence

    A renascence [sic] of “Muslim values”, no? Let’s face it, any birth of sharia in the West spells effing DOOM for all of us Infidels. Isn’t this why nuclear weapons were invented? Hell, yust fuel-air payloads will do purty well.

    This titty-fingered treatment of Islam is a recipe for disaster (for everyone else).

    Take off the gloves, get the job done, and please don’t hesitate to bill the budget.

    There is only endless gratitude that can be expected from patriotic Americans.

  2. I will repeat myself:
    Borders on a ship are met with shot and shell, to do less with an invasion is to invite submission. Attack until they surrender, send the bodies home in a crate and let the survivors deal with them.
    Unless you WANT to live as a subject of murderous tyrants. And no, we cannot all live in peace unless we all agree to.

  3. Islam sparked the Renaissance, says he? How so? By the sack of Constantinople and the flight of it’s scholars.

    Why does no one laugh at this and all such cod swallop?

  4. And so, the Big Lie takes on more life. And our kids will believe it because Muslims believe it, thus teachers believe it. It’s our duty to bring teachers and/or our kids back to reality.

  5. The speaker is half right,

    Islam did the renaissance , because after the Turks conquered Constantinople, A lot of Greek scholars and their books fled to Italy.

  6. Grievance mongering, absurdities, underhanded accusations, threats, brazen claims of Islamic contributions which have no basis in fact; that is the stock in trade of every Mohammedan agitprop. This one was not very polished compared to creeps like Mehdi Hasan or Tariq Ramadan, but they all come stuffed with the same mental baggage.

    None of it contains any value for us in the demoralised West. We just have to laugh at their nonsense. We must ridicule them at every opportunity, not sit there on our asses shaking our heads in disbelief. Enough of Islamic gibberish. Enough dawa, enough stupid propaganda.

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