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6 Replies to “Anti-sharia activist grabs mic at Muslim day event in Texas”

  1. Yes, a brave lady. Power to her, power to them all who are standing up to be counted. I am with them. And from the woman whose head is wrapped in black, taqqiah.

  2. Imagine having a few more people like this woman. And then a few more. Then a whole society. Is this what it will take to win this? Imagine what little chance for victory the muslims would have when confronted by an army with such fierce resolve.

    • It takes one quarter to one third of the people supporting the revolution for one to succeed, they don’t all have to fight but they have to support those who are.

  3. BRAVA, Christine Weick! Simply, brava!

    Western Culture will not continue without brave souls such as yours.

    Religion is irrelevant … intervention upon behalf of inalienable rights is imperative.

    End of Line.

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