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10 Replies to “African migrants ready to make WAR on Salvini”

  1. Salvini they just declared war on Italy. Start the ball rolling Sink every invader boat ship is inner tube. Machine gun the the survivors in the water. These bleeding hearts get involved sink them and treat them the same way. Remember French commando sun k the Rainbow warrior.

  2. So they think African immigrants made Italy a great country….Italy may have its problems but it has a rich culture created by Italians over the millennia.

  3. This is but another example of the unearned supremacist view of themselves that the purest of Mohammad’s followers display. Woe to any nation that decides it’s future resides with Islam.

  4. So before the Africans migrated, Italy had NOTHING??? This man is both delusional and blind. A quick comparison between Italy and Africa shows the difference between civilization and barbarity. Why aren’t these invaders laughed right back on to the boats that brought them to Europe?

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