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7 Replies to “Interesting interruption by someone present at OSCE on grounds of ‘Islamophobia’”

  1. They are everywhere. And we are not. We must push with same indifference regarding what other say, just as they do. Here is no more about right, left, politics, politicians. It is about us and them. If “us” are silenced, they will eliminate us without mercy.. We must learn to use same methods, same technique. Or else…
    After we are free again, we can reinforce the normal west law system and moral system.

    • Should we regain control of our societies, it cannot go back to business as usual; not after veering so close to the brink by the policies of the Left and Progressive fascists.

      Everything must change and it will, for the sake of the survival of the nation, be ruthless. The Left will howl that it’s “evil” to shut down their truly sinister plans, but that’s what the *found out* do. When they turn violent, they invite the activated army and voluntary militia to put an end to them that very day. We will take them at their word, not pretend they don’t mean it or that it’s mere rhetoric, because they keep repeating their intentions of hate and keep backing it up with property damage (public and private), threats of and actual violence, paid and volunteer “activists” which means there’s a link to the paymasters too.

      As Leonard Cohen sings, “I’ve seen the future baby, it is murder.” It’s mayhem either way (see Europe). I don’t want the mayhem but someone “wins” the future by creating it and controlling it … and we’re decades late to the issue.

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