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4 Replies to “Will Mayor Khan ban hands and feet next?”

  1. Kicking somebody repeatedly in the head as they lie on the ground is attempted murder. The guys who did this should spend a minimum of ten years in prison for that. That wasn’t a “fight”, that was attempted murder or at least depraved indifference to the outcome of the aggravated assault…

    • Too right, chris jones!

      Continuing to viciously assault an individual who’s already on the ground is, not just abject cowardice but, meritorious of first-degree charges (with aggravation).

      Please keep in mind how all of this changes rather abruptly when it comes to subduing anyone who’s violently disrupting your jet-airplane flight (especially one that’s already in progress). At that point, Flamenco rituals involving ancient Catalonian Spine Dancing come into full play.

      Clarification is everything…

    • What has the ridiculous commissioner of the Metropolitan police, Miss Dick, to say about this? Has she referred it to her experts to determine if a crime had been committed?

  2. Will Mayor Khan ban hands and feet next?

    It’s either that, or finally admit how it is the person behind the locomotor “coordination” (and exertion) which is obliged to take responsibility for their actions. Perish the flipping thought of that! We all know that most Liberal heads would rather spontaneously detonate as opposed to ever admitting that it was the individual and not the weapon which managed to kill however-many people.

    With Mr. Stabby hosting a majority of the festivities in so many of London’s (and the EU’s) conurbations, clearly Messrs. Rammy and ‘Splody must search elsewhere for gainful employment—preferably as range targets for high caliber and close contact fire.

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