A few items of note: Links post 1, September 15, 2018

1. Mother Of MS-13 Victim Fatally Struck At Daughter’s Memorial Site In N.Y.

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The mother of an ms-13 victim, who was recognized at President Trump’s State of the Union address, is fatally struck at her daughter’s memorial site in Long Island.

Evelyn Rodriguez was killed Friday about an hour before a planned memorial for her daughter.


The incident took place at the same location her 16-year-old daughter was found beaten and hacked to death by ms-13 members in 2016.

Rodriguez was rushed to the hospital where she later died.

The incident may have been intentional, according to local reports.


President Trump has since responded to her death, saying his thoughts and prayers are with Evelyn Rodriguez along with her family and friends.

2. This looks like a fun parade!

3. After 30 seconds of watching this video I realize that yes, its probably better if Muslims do avoid music.

4. The FACT that witnesses reported the driver screaming “allah hu ackbar” while trying to mow down people at a French festival is very hard to find, but I have seen it buried in the last paragraph and made tentative of MSM reports. Something like:

‘witness accounts of the driver yelling allah hu ackbar could not be confirmed by police at this time’. OF COURSE NOT! NO POLICE WHERE THERE!

5. The whole issue of what a given judge did in high school is not worthy of attention. But when the enemy launches an attack, sometimes you have to defend.

Thank you Richard, M., Xanthippa, Wrath of Khan and many many more who are consistently posting important material which is being deliberately and SYSTEMATICALLY denied to the public by the government-media complex, and specifically to make sure we cannot make healthy decisions in our own interests.

What is taking place today is Orwell SQUARED.

Again, thank you all for your well filtered diligence that allows, for the moment, this site to continue to the extent it does.

Much more to come.


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  1. 3. After 30 seconds of watching this video I realize that yes, it’s probably better if Muslims do avoid music.

    Watching this shrouded being offering up the body of a barely conscious child to fü¢k-knows-what-all is more than enough to make a person’s blood run cold.

    Imagine if the woman crumpled to the ground and the child ran free?!?

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