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7 Replies to “Is something needed, about to actually HAPPEN?!?!”

    • The censorship is becoming oppressive. Considering the means of communication we have these days this is quite a feat, imagine all the time and effort it takes to censor millions of free thinking internet users.
      I can’t even read Donald Trumps tweets.

  1. Actions like this are why the left is trying to shut down all citizen journalists.

    Think about snipping one of the filaments in the C3 (i.e., “C Cubed”) triode.

    Weaken enough links in that chain-of-command and see what happens.

    Right now, at the public level, civilian reporters have become a priceless resource.

    Amidst the flood of Leftist psychobabble and bafflegab, there glint golden grains of accurate reporting by responsible individuals. However difficult to glean this gleaming dust from whatever pyrite, only the Internet ever could provide the dense (i.e., drinking from a fire hose) information stream that possibly can carry our own Conservative messages as well. Go figure.

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