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18 Replies to “And so it begins. When you marginalize the reasonable…”

  1. Eeyore, your prediction refers to an irrational extreme-right over-reaction. This man’s speech is angry and passionate and but not irrational.

    And what says they’re right-wing? Can centrists not become angry, too?

    Anyhow that’s splitting hairs.

    The speaker’s math puts the planet’s white population at just under 5%, roughly. In other words he speaks not only about the German plight of white minorityship. He will probably be arrested for such factual words.

    Imagine that.

    Five polar bears walk into a busy pub filled with a hundred bears on a Saturday night. After a couple of beers and a shot of whiskey at the bar one of the polar bears, Larry, says to the others, “Hey guys, I don’t know about you but I’m getting a little nervous sitting here.”

    “Why, Larry?” asks George sitting next to him.

    “Haven’t you noticed that we’re the only polar bears in here? All the other bears are brown.”

    “What exactly are you saying, Larry? says Bob at the far end of the stools, “–you’re a bloody racist talking like that.”

    “Yes, that’s Hate Speech,” declares Dougie, sitting beside Bob. “You should be ashamed.”

    “Why should he be ashamed?” asks Henry who sits in the middle. “Larry has the right to say what he wants. Besides, we own the bar!”

    “Then you’re a racist, too, Henry!” says Bob. Henry then stands up and moves to the stool on the far side of Larry and George, leaving the center stool vacant. “See?” continues Bob. “You’re just like Larry and George. Racist, xenophobic pigs.”

    “No,” says Henry. “I just can’t stand sitting near someone like you. You’re nuts.”

    Just then a brown bear comes up to the group. He is a big strapping grizzly with enormous paws and brilliant white fangs. “Hi, fellas. –Mind if I sit here?” Of course, not reply the polar bears. Never would they refuse a guest a seat in their own franchise.

    After a minute the grizzly bear turns to Bob and says, “My name is Ali, lads, and there’s a four-dollar cover tonight, if you choose to stick around.” He flashes his big grin again. “There won’t be any music and I’ll have to ask you to stop drinking alcohol. Just pay that fella over there. Have a great evening!”

    The grizzly spins off his stool and walks away. For a moment the five white bears sit silent. Then Larry downs the last of his beer and says, “–Guess the joke is on us, eh Bobby?”

    • I have issued a “Sortie Code Alpha” to my son, his wife, any neighbors still there and all pets. My son lives in VA Bch. one block off the ocean. His home is not well built and he expects it to be a wipe out.
      We have a large home, especially since the children are grown and gone. We can accomodate all manner of visitors.
      The problem is that my daughter-in-law works in a residential facility for severely disabled adults. She is torn between evacuating or staying at the facility to tend to these helpless people and riding it out… I am reminded of the horror stories of nursing homes and hospitals that didn’t evacuate before Katrina. Why didn’t the facility evacuate these helpless souls days ago? I am sure my daughter-in-law would have traveled to safety with them.
      The Navy is pulling every ship that can propel themselves out of Norfolk. I say it is “Sortie Code Alpha” for everyone, especially those that live by the water.

  2. Yeah it is starting, so far there is no sign that the real racists are coming out of the wood work but that is coming.

    Here are two facts from history, 1) the historical norm has been war not peace, the time of relative peace between WWII and now has allowed a large groups of people to think peace is the norm, it isn’t. 2) The voages of Columbas to try and find a new route to the far east were made to try and get the spice trade (and other goods) without having to pay the tariffs that the Islamic nations charged for the transit on the Silk Road. The Colonial Empires grew out of the trading missions for many reasons and not all of them were to steal from the natives.

  3. WATCH: Policewoman brutally beaten up by Lebanese men in Essen,Germany —
    Brutal outbreak of violence against police officers in front of a Shisha bar! Screenshots of a mobile phone video show how an attacker attacks a young policewoman (26 y/o), pulling her legs away. She falls onto the asphalt and tries to stand up. But another man kicks her in the abdomen with force. Finally, a colleague (27 y/o) can intervene and protect her from further kicks and blows.The trigger for the unleashed violence in Essen ? A regular routine check by the police.That had happened: Two police officers checked on Friday evening whether minors were in the Shisha bar “Buddy Bar”. The situation escalated, police said the officials were first insulted, then beaten, kicked and strangled by several people of Lebanese origin. Only with the help of two employees of the animal rescue organization Tierrettung Essen e.V., who happened to be on site, did the officials manage to arrest a young man (17 y/o). He was detained for one night, then released again. He was charged with bodily harm and resistance to law enforcement officers.The other members of the group fled. The officer suffered bruises and strangulation marks on her neck and had to go to hospital. She is incapacitated for duty. Police spokesman Ulrich Faßbender (60) is appalled: “Unfortunately, these attacks have become everyday occurrences. We must not accept that.” Unbelievable! The family members of the arrested man later came to the guard, threatened to mobilize their family – they wanted to intimidate the policemen!

  4. You wonder how long the average beat policeman in Germany will continue to,listen to their superiors. When will they stand down and refuse to be assaulted – or when will they actually fight back.

    • The average policeman will NEVER fail to listen to their superiors. That’s what makes them average. You don’t really think the police would hire anyone they thought would ever disobey do you? They constantly look to cull the heard of any questionable people.

  5. This stupid guy is the reason why many germans stay at home.He had a Black Sun tatooed in the face,you can find it also in the SS WEWELSBURG.

    Also at the beginning he sayed:this shitty “KUNDE”.Kunde means customer,but in east germany its a slang word for people…

    • Thank you @notgood, expect next we will hear from this neo nazi is that the merkel inviting the migrants was somehow at the behest of some zionist conspiracy. Sorry to hear it’s been putting good patriots of demonstrating, this seems to often be the case, it’s hard enough dealing with the calls of “racist” by the msn.

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